Isolate Britain change M25 tactics for its 10th protest


The nsulate Britain eco-warriors briefly changed tack from the M25 on Friday morning to stop traffic on two different motorways in their 10th protest in recent weeks.

Three dissident groups blocked the roundabouts on the M4 at Junction 3, the M1 at Junction 1 before returning to their old M25 hunting ground on J25.

Angry drivers ripped Insulate Britain banners from their hands while others loudly cursed the group in frustration around 8 a.m.

A hooded driver approached the group saying “don’t touch me.” Then he quickly grabbed two banners from activists shouting, “let him go.”

After the police cleared the roads, the eco-warriors returned to the M25 to stick their hands to the road and chain themselves.

One activist said: “You think this is a traffic jam, this is nothing. You will not have hospitals, schools or food on the shelves. The world and this country are going to suffer. It’s terrible, it’s apocalyptic. “

30 activists participated in the disruption

/ Isolate Great Britain

He has pledged to continue his actions until the government makes “a significant statement indicating that they will isolate the 29 million leaky British homes by 2030.”

The group said in a statement: “It is incomprehensible that the Government continues to delay action on home insulation when we urgently need to reduce our carbon emissions, eliminate energy poverty and help working families with their rising energy bills.

“It adds to what the industry is crying out for that the government show some leadership and support a national modernization strategy. Come on Boris: get on with your work. “

The government obtained a court order last week, meaning that anyone blocking the M25 could be in contempt of court, carrying a maximum sentence of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

Insulate Britain admitted that its actions this week “violate” the court order.

Sir Stephen House, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, told the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee on Thursday that he is concerned that police forces are under so much pressure to quickly clear up protests that “officers are putting their lives “.

He continued: “The most recent one I saw had officers running between articulated trucks moving on the main road of the M25.

“We can’t be doing that. We cannot put people’s lives at risk. The lives of my agents are in danger and, in fact, the lives of the protesters are in danger.

“We have to be on the lookout for that first.

“But we have been very quick to transfer these people and arrest them.”

He added: “They started on the access roads, which is bad enough, but now we have moved to the main roads of the M25, which is absolute madness.”

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