Itachi vs Pain: Who Is Stronger In Naruto Anime?

Naruto is one of the best anime on the planet. This anime is famous for its character development, best story, and cool fights. Each character on the show left a unique impact on the story. Each character had their own reasons for existing. There are two epic characters that we had on the show, Itachi and Pain. They are both fan favorites and had their own reasons to fight and change reality. In this article, we will compare their power levels and see who is more powerful in the fight – Itachi vs Pain. So make sure you read this article to the end.

Naruto is a Japanese anime based on manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The story revolves around the lives of Shinobis from different nations and the threats they face in their world. Our main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, endures so much ignorance and hatred from the villagers of Konohagakure because of the nine-tailed fox that locked him inside. That fox took the lives of many shinobi and innocent people a few years ago. Even against all odds, Naruto decided to become the Hokage of the village one day. This is not just an ordinary show; This is the great story of Naruto Uzumaki.

Now let’s get to our main topic.

Who was Itachi Uchiha?

Itachi was the eldest son of Fugaku Uchiha and the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, the second main protagonist of the series. He was the one who killed his own clan for the good of the village and joined the criminal organization called Akatsuki. Sasuke, who was unaware of the truth about Itachi, decided to avenge his clan and kill his brother. He spent his childhood in despair and tried his best to become strong so he could defeat Itachi. Itachi, on the other hand, was extremely powerful, skilled, and intelligent. Even after his death, he saved the village from Kabuto’s spell. He was the most skilled user of the Sharingan and mastered multiple forbidden Jutsus of the Uchiha clan. He was the one who showed Sasuke how to use Susanoo, one of the Mangekyou Sharingan techniques.

Itachi vs. Sasuke

Who was the pain?

Pain was the leader of the Akatsuki criminal gang and the one with the most powerful dojutsu, Rinnegan. He had the power of the Sage of Six Paths. I was working on the motives for Obito (who played himself as Madara Uchiha). Nagato, the real Pain distributed his powers to six corpses and named them the Six Paths of Pain. It was extremely powerful and destroyed the entire town of Konoha in a few seconds. He invaded the village from the main gates and defeated all the Shinobi including Kakashi, The Copy Ninja.

He was the main culprit in Jiraya’s death. Naruto gave him a very tough fight at the end and finally defeated him with Sage Mode. Pain’s slow movements became his greatest weakness. The real Pain, Nagato, was one of Jiraya’s students, and Naruto told him about Pervy Sage’s motives. Nagato realized that the things he did up until now were absolutely wrong and contrary to what should be done to establish peace in the world. Using the Rinne-Rebirth Jutsu, he revived all the Shinobi he killed in battle and sacrificed his own life.

Itachi vs Pain: Who is stronger in Naruto anime?
naruto against pain

Itachi vs Pain: Who would win?

This is a very controversial question, and opinions may differ from person to person. We’ll look from each perspective and see who was truly more powerful.


If you look at the skill set, Itachi will be the outright winner here. Pain certainly had the ultimate Rinnegan dojustu, but he spread his powers across six different bodies, which is a huge disadvantage for him in a tough battle. All the opponent needs to do is separate their bodies, and skilled Shinobi can easily defeat them. On the other hand, Itachi was a highly skilled Shinobi and unlocked all other Sharingan possibilities. He even learned the forbidden Techniques of the Uchiha clan, such as Izanami and Izanagi, and defeated Kabuto (Sage Mode). Here Itachi is the winner.

Itachi vs Pain: Who is stronger in Naruto anime?
Itachi Uchiha

experience in jutsu

If we look at Pain, he knew a lot of Rinnegan abilities, but he spread them out over different bodies. But the Rinnegan’s abilities are huge and he knew most of them. On the other hand, Itachi knew most of the Sharingan and Uchiha forbidden Jutsus, but Rinnegan is very powerful compared to Sharingan. It all depends on the user. Here Pain gets the point.

Itachi vs Pain: Who is stronger in Naruto anime?
naruto against pain

hand to hand combat

In close combat, Speed, Strength, and Stamina play a huge role. As we talked about before, Pain’s movements were a bit slow and it took him 5 seconds to use his next move. Itachi was quite fast and a master in combat. He cornered Sasuke in battle. He even fought Naruto (Kyuubi Mode). So Itachi gets the point here.

Itachi vs Pain: Who is stronger in Naruto anime?
Itachi vs. Sasuke


Based on our three points mentioned, Itachi wins against Pain by two points. This makes it the ultimate winner of this comparison. If you think otherwise, let us know in the comments below.

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