Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller ‘the Guilty’ comes to Netflix

Pray that if you ever need to dial 911, there will be no one like Joe Baylor handling your emergency. On second thought, maybe you should. Or maybe not. If that sounds manic of me, that’s because that’s indicative of the frantic response Jake Gyllenhaal gives as a troublesome LAPD dispatcher in “The Guilty.”

An English remake of the acclaimed 2018 Dutch thriller of the same name, it ups the ante considerably over the original thanks to its larger budget and more esteemed range of voice talents (Bill Burr, native of the canton) calling (think “Fraiser”) the beleaguered Joe Baylor of Gyllenhaal. But as is the case with most Hollywood foreign films, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, not when so much is lost in translation.

Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a 911 operator who receives a call that turns his night into chaos in the Netflix thriller. "The blame."

I say this, of course, having had the benefit of watching both movies, an experience most Yankees won’t share if they choose to watch Gyllenhaal’s version when it premieres on Netflix on Friday, October 1. set entirely within a 911 call center will arrive with its many intriguing twists and turns intact and unforeseen. But if you’ve caught the original, prepare for a fringe disappointment courtesy of Antoine Fuqua, a director unfamiliar with subtlety.

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