Jamie Carragher bursts into Tottenham midfield after Arsenal collapse: “There is less space on the moon!” | Football news

Jamie Carragher criticized Tottenham’s midfield position on Monday Night Football after the loss at Arsenal, stating that “there is less space on the moon!”

Tottenham trailed 3-0 in 34 minutes at the Emirates, prompting coach Nuno Espirito Santo to take out midfielder Dele Alli and Japhet Tanganga at halftime, and after the match he stated: “I will not name people who did not play the plan to The game was correct, but the game plan was not correct according to the players who were on the court. “

But Carragher feels that Nuno was equally to blame for the loss, saying the form of the midfield from the first minute was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life.

Carragher said: “I’ve been doing this show for eight years. Whenever I see a performance like that, I always look at the players first, as I have done in this. I think managers often get too much criticism and often too much criticism. not the players.

“There were some shocking performances from the Tottenham players, but I think the coach was equally guilty in this result in how he prepared. When people question a coach, we always hear: ‘There was no plan,’ but there is always a plan. at this level in football. Wen you look at it: I’m not sure how this plan was going to work. “

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Carragher’s scathing analysis showed how Alli, Tanguy Ndombele and Pierre Emile Hojbjerg were miles away from the first whistle of the North London derby, and claims that the Spurs’ direct tactics would never work.

“One minute of play: Dele Alli, Ndombele and Hojbjerg are the midfielders, and they are not in midfield positions. The only reason you would stay there [so far from the ball and midfield], is if your manager has told you to go there.

“They wanted to go straight, but to whom? Even if you win the ball, you need someone behind you to pick up the second balls, but Dele Alli was on the same line as Harry Kane!

“When you look at the space in midfield … I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in my life.

'There is less space on the moon!'  - this screenshot, from the first minutes, shows Dele Alli and Tanguy Nbombele (in a circle) at the top of the field
There is less space on the moon! – this screenshot, from the first minutes, shows Dele Alli and Tanguy Nbombele (in a circle) at the top of the field

“Where would you want them? Surely not there. There is less space on the moon than you see in Tottenham’s midfield. In fact, it’s incredible. The coach should have told them where to go: this is before the first goal. It’s always going to happen. “.

Thierry Henry said the initial blitz on the Emirates was due in part to Arsenal’s quality, as well as Spurs’ woeful positioning.

“You talk about the moon Jamie, but [Arsenal’s second] It was like the Champs Elysees, the best avenue you can see. We talked about the Spurs and what they did, but we didn’t take anything away from Bukayo Saka, and how they wanted to get into these areas. The desire was there from the beginning. “

Spurs have now lost their last three in the Premier League, having won their first three games 1-0. Nuno is also the first Spurs manager to lose up to four times in his first 10 games since Glen Hoddle in 2001.

Having replaced José Mourinho in the summer, Carragher says it remains to be seen if the former Wolves boss is a perfect fit for the Spurs, and advises the Portuguese manager to be himself and build on his own strengths.

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Gary Neville feels that Harry Kane does not see himself in Tottenham after the transfer speculation that surrounded him in the summer.

“That was a bad one for Nuno. You’re never going to talk about coaches after five or six games on a job.

“Nuno is a good coach, he showed it in the Wolves. But I hope that now he is himself in his work. He is seen as a pragmatic coach, but he was not pragmatic enough in this game.

“I don’t know if that’s because he’s at Tottenham now and he’s worried that people will say he’s not up front, but be yourself! It’s like [Sunday] it wasn’t his type of attack.

“It doesn’t feel like a perfect fit, I must say that. On José Mourinho’s back, he almost feels like José Mourinho-lite. That’s not a criticism for him: José has won everything in the game.

“I had him in my career: Roy Hodgson was and is a really good manager, but he was not the right manager for Liverpool. I think Spurs fans are thinking from the beginning: ‘Is Nuno a Tottenham manager?’ That is something that remains to be seen.

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Nuno Espirito Santo says that some Tottenham players did not implement their game plan at Arsenal in the 3-1 loss on Super Sunday.

“You need to bring your chants, it’s early in the season, but my advice to Nuno and his coaching staff is to be yourself, do the job you think is right. Whether you are more defensive, five behind, do what you do well.

“Right now, right now, they are not doing anything in the future, but they are also open and it seems like they could tear themselves apart in every game. The first half was amazing to watch.”

Neville: What happened to the Spurs?

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Gary Neville, Ledley King, Graeme Souness and Tony Adams delve into Tottenham’s performance in their 3-1 loss to Arsenal, debating where Nuno went wrong, if the players or the coach are to blame and how the problems can be fixed . .

Gary Neville from Sky Sports on Super Sunday:

“Arsenal had a much better application in the game, but Tottenham’s game plan seemed really basic. It seemed like they just wanted to overtake him at any cost, and they were playing balls aimlessly forward.”

“The Spurs’ courage to play, their appetite for getting the ball back and moving forward was completely different than it was against Chelsea last week, and Arsenal beat them. It was a really poor first half.

“In the second half, you could say that Harry Kane should have scored two or three goals and could have had a penalty. But Harry Kane is not right, there is something obviously wrong with him at the moment, he doesn’t seem happy about it. absolute.

“That is a bad day for Nuno and the Tottenham players because their fans will have left the field thinking there are more problems than losing 3-1 to Arsenal.”

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