Jamie Spears responds to Britney’s guardianship ruling

Jamie Spears’ lawyer believes the ruling has him suspended as curator of daughter Britney Spears it’s a “loss” for the pop star.

In a statement following Wednesday’s ruling, attorney for the fan-maligned father, Vivian L. Thoreen, said she will continue to “look out for the best interests of her daughter” despite her suspension.

“Mr. Spears unconditionally loves her daughter Britney. For thirteen years, she has tried to do what is best for her, either as a guardian or as a parent,” began Thoreen’s statement. “This began with agreeing to serve as her curator. when she He voluntarily entered the guardianship. “

Jamie’s attorneys said he was responsible for “helping her revive her career and reestablish a relationship with her sons,” Jayden and Sean Preston.

“Anyone who has tried to help a family member deal with mental health problems can appreciate the enormous amount of worry and daily work that this requires.”

Britney Spears and Jamie Spears
Jamie Spears’ attorney claimed her suspension is a “loss” to Britney Spears.FilmMagic; AFP

Thoreen said the “work and concern” included Jamie having to bite his tongue not to respond to “all the false, speculative and unsubstantiated attacks” from the public or “Britney’s attorney.”

Jamie’s attorney called the outcome of Wednesday’s hearing “even more disappointing and, frankly, a loss for Britney” and said it was “wrong” for the court to suspend Jamie.

“Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to serve his daughter’s best interests and will work in good faith to achieve a positive resolution of all matters,” Thoreen’s statement concluded.

Free Britney Fans
Free Britney fans gathered outside the courthouse to protest Jamie Spears’ control over her daughter’s guardianship.
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Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, asked the court to Appoint Certified Public Accountant John Zabel as temporary conservator of Britney’s $ 60 million estate. The judge accepted Zabel’s appointment despite the rejection of Jamie and his legal team.

It’s clear that the 39-year-old “Toxic” singer couldn’t feel more different, as one source exclusively told Page Six after the ruling that Britney “Broke in tears”.

“For a long time, he had begun to think that he would never see the day when his father’s dominating control over every aspect of his life would end, but it finally happened.”

The source added: “He’s in shock and speechless, but he literally jumps for joy. He hasn’t felt such joy in 13 years. “

The “Sometimes” singer also told fans via social media that she was on “cloud 9”, literally and figuratively, as she was. flying a plane – after the hearing ended.

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