Jan.6 committee targets Stop the Steal rally organizers in latest batch of subpoenas

The subpoenas were sent Wednesday to 11 people who were affiliated with the organization, Women for America First, which had I had the permission for the demonstration that preceded the revolt of January 6. Women for America First also held rallies at Freedom Plaza in November and December 2020, as well as two “March for Trump” bus tours that traveled across the country seeking to generate interest in the organization’s Washington. rallies. The requests show that the committee has a vested interest in seeking what coordination the group may have had with the White House in its planning and as part of the larger Stop the Steal movement.

“The investigation has revealed credible evidence of his participation in events within the scope of the Select Committee’s investigation,” the subpoena reads.

“According to documents provided to the Select Committee, press reports and statements from you and your organization, Women for America First (” WFAF “) participated in organizing and sponsoring the rally held at the Elipse in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, in support of then-President Trump and his allegations of voter fraud. “

The committee is trying to learn about the organization’s involvement with the White House, writing in the subpoenas: “According to press reports, you and others working with you and WFAF to organize the January 6 rally, collectively communicated with President Trump, White House officials, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and others on the rally and other events planned to coincide with the certification of the 2020 Electoral College results. “

Everyone the committee sent subpoenas were asked to comply with requests for documents by October 13, followed by a closed-door statement at the end of the month.

House Speaker Bennie Thompson said in a statement announcing the latest subpoenas that the panel is “investigating the facts, circumstances and causes of the January 6 attack and issues related to the peaceful transfer of power, in order to identify and evaluate the lessons learned and recommend corrective laws, policies, rules of procedures or regulations to the Chamber and its pertinent committees. “

“The investigation includes examining how various individuals and entities coordinated their activities prior to the events of January 6, 2021,” continued the Mississippi Democrat.

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Rep. Jamie Raskin told CNN after the subpoenas were released that “it is important for us to find out exactly what the relationships were between the official organizers of the rally and the White House and the violent insurgents who launched the violence that day.” Understanding the level of coordination, he said, will be a key part of the select committee’s investigation.

The Maryland Democrat promised that the select committee would use whatever options it had to enforce the subpoenas and rejected the idea that the riot was just the by-product of some bad actors that had gotten out of control.

“Well, Donald Trump would certainly invite us to believe that it was some kind of spontaneous eruption of hugs and kisses towards the officers. That is quite divorced from reality. Obviously there was a lot of coordination and planning that took place and we are going to rebuild it,” he said.

The subpoenas issued Wednesday are based on volumes of documents that the committee has already requested from government agencies and the National Archives, which acts as the custodian of the Trump administration’s White House records related to recruiting, preparation and coordination of the previous rallies and on January 6. Your application includes documents from a list of 40 people who participated in the planning and organization of the rallies leading up to the rallies.

Thompson has said individuals who have been charged You could also provide important information to the committee in connection with your involvement in the riots.

“I think many of those people who have been charged by the authorities could potentially work with us to elaborate the facts and circumstances of why they came to Washington. I think they will have important information that the committee could benefit from.” “Thompson said Monday.

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Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia, who is on the select committee, had said after a committee planning meeting earlier this week that she expected more subpoenas in the future as the committee continues to develop its investigation.

“We want to hear from a lot of people to do a thorough investigation,” Luria said. “So you can anticipate that there will be a steady rate of subpoenas and requests for additional information.”

The congresswoman said she hopes the panel will continue with questions about the role that the “weaponry of social media and the spread of disinformation” played in the attack by different groups. Members of the public, he said, can provide information to the committee through his hotline, which he said has been helpful in obtaining new information.

Connecting those dots has emerged as a priority for the committee as it continues to intensify its investigation, and investigators are actively working to analyze piles of data to help piece together a clear picture of how the attack unfolded, sources familiar with the attack told CNN. process.

This effort is intertwined with the committee’s search for witness testimony and other relevant documents, which together likely marks the largest Congressional investigation of its kind in history, the sources said.

The latest batch of subpoenas comes just a week after the committee issued his first four citations to shut down former helpers and allies President Donald Trump.

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, former Advisor Steve Bannon and Kash Patel, former Chief of Staff to then-Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who also served as an assistant to the Republican Representative Devin Nunes, everyone has until October 7 to comply with the committee’s requests for documents. Former Trump employees have also been asked to appear before the committee for private depositions in October.

In a statement to CNN, Patel did not say whether he had responded to the committee, but said: “I will continue to tell the truth about my time in the service.”

Jan.6 committee issues first subpoenas for witness testimony to four Trump loyalists

As of this week, none of the four had responded directly to the committee, according to Thompson, who said the panel “does not have an opinion that they will cooperate.”

Last week, Thompson told CNN that criminal contempt “is on the table” if those named do not cooperate, and that “there is no reluctance” among panel members to consider it if necessary.

“Our problem is that we cannot wait forever for people to speak. We have to get information. Therefore, it is about cutting the time allotted to the committee to do its work,” said the president.

Not everyone wanted by the committee has retained.

Thompson told CNN that some of the people the committee wants to hear from are volunteering information.

“Some people have contacted us, who want to come and speak voluntarily, who worked for the administration. So, there is no reason to issue a subpoena. We just have to get the information that they have included in our body of work and leave. from there, “he said.

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, vice chair of the select committee and one of two Republicans on the panel, told CNN that the committee has already met with some of those people.

“In some cases we are,” Cheney said of meetings with people willing to volunteer information about the attack or the days leading up to it.

Representative Pete Aguilar, a Democrat from California, said committee members “feel good about the direction we’re going.”

“And, you know, we’ve said all the time that we’ll keep making progress and I think we’re on the investigative side,” he said.

This story was updated with additional details on Wednesday.

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