Jerry Seinfeld explains why a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion ‘would seem sad’

Jerry seinfeld opened up about the possibility of a “Seinfeld” reunion and – yada, yada, yada – it probably won’t happen.

“It would seem sad to me,” said the comedian in an interview with Entertainment tonightRachel Smith on Thursday, to commemorate the nine seasons of “Seinfeld” coming to Netflix October 1st.

“It seems like we couldn’t come up with a new idea,” Seinfeld said.

When Smith suggested that the cast of “Seinfeld” hold a reunion in a format similar to the recent “Friends” special, Seinfeld joked, “I don’t think you win Emmys for that.”

In another interview with People Magazine On the same subject, Seinfeld closed the idea of ​​the reunion saying that he likes “to move on in life” and did not know if “what we would do … would be good.”

It seems like the only place a “Seinfeld” reunion will actually exist is within the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” universe, though “Seinfeld” writer Larry Charles recently gave an update on where he thinks all the characters would be these days. And it’s not pretty.

“I think about bringing those characters into the 21st century, and … wouldn’t Kramer … be a believer in QAnon? “Charles said during an appearance at the Daily Beast Podcast “Fever Dreams” in May. “But it could also be in antifa at the same time to hedge your bets. “

“Elaine may have been married a couple of times, probably developed some kind of pill-taking habit, been in and out of rehab,” added Charles. And frankly, George could have killed himself by now.

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