Kaidou Proves to be Undefeated in One Piece Episode 1006

By | January 11, 2022

2022 started off well with One Piece Episode 1006, continuing Onigashima’s ongoing raid. The anime has let loose a bit and taken things slow, so right now, the raid is still in its early stages. We’ve had some mind-blowing episodes, with more to come. Unlike the manga, the anime has added some special effects in various episodes to produce some epic scenes as the scabbards take on Kaidou without interruption.

After the year-end calendar experienced some delays in the anime’s episodes. Things will return to normal and we will receive new episodes without noticeable delays in the near future. Instead, we’ll be keeping an eye on how the anime will progress relative to the manga chapters that are being adapted. Wano Arc is packed with a lot of action, so this means that the anime will run a bit slower and will fit around one to one and a half chapters per episode.

So we will be very lucky to get an episode that adapts two or more chapters due to the details of each chapter of the manga. However, the action will be worth it, as we saw in the last episode where the pods managed to pierce Kaidou’s skin. Although he later pointed out that his cut was too shallow compared to what Oden did. We managed to see great effects showing Kaidou bleeding a river of blood, something the manga didn’t put much emphasis on.

One Piece episode 1006 will be released on Sunday, January 16, 2022. The episode will be available on the usual streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll Y Funimation. Streaming platforms vary by region, with Crunchyroll dominating most of the western regions. Asian territories are often covered by platforms such as Muse Asia, iQiyi, and AnimeLab.

Kaidou vs. Pods: One Piece Episode 1005

The raid turned intense in the last episode of the anime, and Kaidou seems to have taken time to unleash some of his powerful attacks. Due to the full moon over Onigashima, the minks proved unstoppable and managed to defeat Jack without much effort. After seeing this, Kaidou stepped in and relieved Jack of his duties, leaving Kaidou 1 against 9 pods.

One piece 1006
One piece 1006

Knowing his power as a Yonkou, this would seem to be insufficient as he quickly thwarted all of the pod’s attacks. In fact, he seemed to be toying with them and didn’t take them that seriously, even as they had unleashed their most powerful combo attacks yet.

They managed to push him down, leaving him with a bleeding wound. But in Kaidou’s eyes, they are just empty shells that mimic Oden. We saw this when Kaidou unleashed powerful cuts that easily disoriented them leaving Okiku with an amputated arm. And now that they are in Shambles, it seems that their defeat is near.

Meanwhile, Luffy tries to get to the roof. But at the rate things are going, this would take a while. On the live floor, Queen has unleashed its newly developed virus on the population. Without forgiving friends or foes, he only focuses on creating chaos and making sure everyone dies. All the infected are in an uproar and kill without discretion. But Chopper’s arrival could bring hope, as he is the Strawhats’ medical genius.

Jinbe also made an entrance and, together with Sanji, they are determined to make sure Luffy saves his energy for the final showdown with Kaidou. Everyone else seemed to be busy on their side, but Robin appeared without much to do on his part.

Page One and Ulti on Rampage: One Piece Episode 1006 Preview

Taking a look at what’s to come with the next episode. We managed to see a brief confrontation of what was happening in the other rooms inside Kaidou’s mansion. We have several sides that we have received updates from, such as what is happening with Big Mom, Perospero, and Marco. But for now, the anime will slowly cover these scenes bit by bit.

First, it looks like we’ll see what’s going on with Page One and Ulti, who are poised to wreak havoc. The next episode will air this weekend, so let’s look forward to more details as the raid intensifies.

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