Kamala Harris’ Office Frustrated With ‘The View’ After Last Week’s Covid Fiasco, Sources Say

One of the people explained that Harris’s office required that the presenters of “The View” take a PCR test within 24 hours of the interview. That person said a representative from the ABC talk show suggested the night before Harris’s appearance that the tests had come back negative.

Harris and his staff did not learn the truth until the dramatic moment on live television when co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were abruptly removed from the set.

Hosts of “The View” are regularly tested for Covid-19 at least twice a week, people familiar with the matter told CNN. But to satisfy the requirement set by Harris’s office, each of “The View” hosts underwent an accelerated PCR test the afternoon after Thursday’s show, one of the people said.

That night, a representative for “The View” gave the “all clear” to Harris’s office, suggesting that the show had met the requirements to continue filming, said one of the people familiar with the matter.

After it was suddenly revealed Friday morning that that was not the case, Harris’s team was stumped and searched for answers about what happened.

But according to a person familiar with the matter, “The View” has not contacted the vice president’s office, leaving Harris staff “deeply concerned” about what happened.

People familiar with the matter also said that ABC News president Kim Godwin, who attended the recording, was upset and embarrassed by the entire fiasco.

Spokespersons for ABC and “The View” declined to comment, despite multiple requests.

After Hostin and Navarro tested positive, they each underwent three additional tests for Covid-19, a rapid test and two PCR tests, people familiar with the matter said. All subsequent tests were negative.

Brian Teta, executive producer of “The View,” addressed the false alarm on Monday’s episode of the show. He said that when he took Hostin and Navarro off the set that he was just thinking about keeping everyone, including Harris, safe.

“That led to really awkward television that I’d like to have back if I could,” Teta said.

The “The View” team finally scrambled Friday to allow Harris to conduct a short interview remotely. But it was much more limited than originally planned.

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