Keerthy Suresh | Korona leaves Tollywood .. Positive for Keerthi Suresh

Keerthy suresh tested covid-19 positive
Keerthy suresh tested covid-19 positive

Keerthy suresh tested covid-19 positive | Corona Mahammari haunts the movie industry. Many celebrities have already been infected with this virus. Mahesh Babu, Trisha, Taman, Rajendra Prasad, Bandla Ganesh, Manchu Manoj, Manchu Lakshmi, senior heroines Shobhana, Kushboo, legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and others were confirmed positive. Recently, Renu Desai and Akira Nandan were also infected with the virus. This will cause the entire film industry to panic. Corona was positively determined for another heroine in the sequence. Kirti Suresh has been infected with the Corona virus. She reported the matter on her Twitter platform.

I was diagnosed with Kovid-19 positively. Kirti Suresh revealed on Twitter that he is currently in isolation. He said that precautions are being taken as per the doctor’s instructions. Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. Also everyone should be careful in the wake of the Corona virus boom. Those who have not yet been vaccinated are advised to get vaccinated. However, fans are worried as they know that Kirti Suresh has been infected with Corona. Comments are being made on social media that he should recover quickly. Meanwhile, Kirti Suresh is currently working with Mahesh Babu on Sarkar’s song and Chiranjeevi in ​​Bhola Shankar movies.

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