Kelly Price Says She Nearly Died From Covid-19

in a video interview with TMZ, the Grammy-nominated R&B and gospel singer said she almost did not survive her bout with the virus.

“At some point they lost me,” he said. “I woke up a few days later, a couple of days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors that surrounded me and asked me if I knew what year it was.”

Price first shared that he had tested positive for Covid-19 on July 29. She has not shared if she is vaccinated or not.

“I am following the doctor’s orders. I am in quarantine. I feel really exhausted,” she wrote in Instagram. “My head hurts, but I am not in the hospital. I am grateful and hope to have a speedy recovery. #GodIsAHealer.”
Then the singer seemed to lose sight of him and, according to the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAuthorities in Cobb County, Georgia confirmed that a missing person report had been filed for Price.
Price’s sister, Shanrae Price, went public with a plea for her to contact concerned family members so they could see her physically.

The singer’s attorney, Monica Ewing, told the media that Price was not missing, but was simply on the mend.

In the video shared on TMZ, Price said she had Covid for about a week at home with her husband caring for her before he, too, tested positive just before she was rushed to the hospital with worsening symptoms, including a fever of 103 degrees.

She said she was released from the hospital with an oxygen tank due to a shortage of beds and that for the next four weeks health workers visited her at her home.

“People were definitely watching me,” Price said. “People who could really say something can’t do it because of HIPPA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which guards the privacy of patients] law.”

He said he received his first negative Covid test about a week ago,

Price also said that he is now a “long carrier”, which refers to those who continue to have persistent complications from the virus, and “are facing an uphill battle right now.”

He broached the subject with his sister, saying that he had not been in contact with her for some time.

Price also posted a thank you to those who had cared on his Instagram.

Price’s attorney, Monica Ewing, told CNN via email that her client “plans to talk more about her journey with Covid, but not right now. She wants to move further on her recovery and rehabilitation journey first.”

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