Koharu Learns Fishing In Slow Loop Episode 2

By | January 8, 2022

Slow Loop Episode 2 reveals Hiyori’s past with her father. A strange girl went fishing in the morning to support her family. She realizes that her father loves musical instruments and has some that she has never seen. The girl remembers everything she did with her father when she was young. The old men join her and call her Hiyori and tell her how Mr. Yamakawa used to do it when he was fishing. In the recent episode of Slow Loop, the old men told him to be careful, and Hiyori realizes that her father was famous, but widespread illness took him away.

A blonde haired girl joins Hiyori, who almost drops her cell phone into the water. The girl was excited to see water, and Hiyori wondered if the girl was a tourist. Hiyori was surprised to see that girl taking off her clothes, but she was left with a swimsuit. He wonders if the girls plan to join. On his chest, he has a sign written with his name Koharu. Hiyori realizes that it is not summer but winter, and has to prevent the girl from jumping into the water.

She uses a fishing hook to pull herself up and apologizes after landing on the ground. Koharu told Hiyori that it was cold and started sneezing. Hiyori realizes that it was the first day that another girl entered her life. He gives him a tea to warm up and continue fishing. Hiyori told Koharu not to jump into the water in March; Koharu reveals that she will be moving to the city soon. Hiyori realizes that Koharu is not from around here since he does not know her.

Previously in Slow Loop Episode 1

Koharu reveals that he comes from a prefecture and that there is no ocean, so he was thrilled when he saw the ocean for the first time. Hiyori is surprised that Koharu didn’t see the ocean. Koharu notices the fish inside the container and asks for them. Hiyori reveals that they are called rockfish and they are easy to catch. Koharu is impressed that Hiyori caught the fish and asks if she is a fisherman. Hiyori reveals that she isn’t, but she caught the fish for dinner. Koharu likes to touch the rockfish and reveals that he likes to fish in the river.

Slow loop episode 2
Slow loop episode 2

Hiyori thought he was talking about real things and Koharu reveals that he does so in a video game. Hiyori realizes that Koharu is talking about virtual fishing and teaches him how to fish. Koharu learns different rod times and how to handle them. Koharu wonders why a fishing pole has to look like a toy. Hiyori reveals that the artificial bait looks like a small fish, which attracts the bigger fish. He can’t believe Koharu doesn’t know anything about fishing. Koharu told Hiyori what she had learned in science class.

Hiyori reveals how her father taught her to fish. Koharu told Hioyori to catch something as she has only seen people fishing on TV. Hiyori gave her a landing net and told her to use it since she used a fishing pole. Koharu was surprised by the way Hiyori attracted the fish. Hiyori explains why she attracts fish that way. Koharu also learns how he can do that. Hiyori realizes that it is the first time she has spoken to someone for a long time after meeting them. The two managed to get more fish and Koharu also got a fish.

Slow Loop Episode 2 Release Date

Slow Loop episode 2 will be released on January 14, 2022. Hiyori and Koharu went to cook fish after fishing. She taught him how to cut it, eat it, and prepare it. Koharu was impressed by Hiyori’s skills, and Hiyori served her fresh rockfish sashimi. He wonders if Hiyori was a chef, and Hiyori reveals that she learned everything from her father. Koharu enjoys eating fish and the two become best friends. Let’s check out the official details for Slow Loop Episode 2.

Slow loop episode 2
Slow loop episode 2

Watch Slow Loop Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Slow Loop episode 2 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS at 10:00 pm JST. You can also watch Slow Loop episode 2 online at bBilibili Global and Wakanim (DE) for those in the UK. Koharu and Hiyori continue to meet at the same place and enjoy fishing. Let’s meet when Slow Loop episode 2 releases.

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