Labor Seeks to Outflank Tories on Crime Matters, with Thomas-Symonds Accusing Patel of “Defunding Police” – Live Conference | Politics

A understaffed NHS has been pushed to the brink. No one pretends that the NHS has not been affected by the 18 months of Covid. But let’s not pretend, before Covid, that the NHS was unaffected by the Conservatives’ 10 years. We entered the pandemic with the longest financial contraction in the history of the NHS, 17,000 beds closed, hospitals collapsing, cuts in public health services, reduction of doctors, privatized services, cuts in nurse training, raids on mental health budgets of children, thousands more waiting for cancer treatment, the 18-week goal was not met for five years, the A&E goal was not met for six years.

So the NHS is in crisis not just because of Covid. The NHS is in crisis because of the Conservatives. And it has the devastating consequence of forcing more and more people in pain and despair to apply for loans and crowdfunding on the Internet to pay for an operation because the wait is too much to bear.

  • £ 12,000 for a hip replacement.
  • £ 9,000 for a knee replacement.
  • £ 3,000 for a hernia.

A two-tier healthcare system, privatization through the back door. That is the conservative threat to our NHS. That is why we are fighting, to rebuild our NHS.

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