Lahari shari | Nagarjuna makes bumper offer to Bigg Boss Beauty

Lahrahi shari with Akkineni nagarjuna and naga chaitanya in the part of Bangarraju movie promotions
Lahrahi shari with Akkineni nagarjuna and naga chaitanya

Lahari shari | Newcomers to the industry need to be given opportunities which means Nagarjuna (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is the first name to be heard. He is his equal in courage. He seemed confident that he would move on. Gives opportunities to newcomers. Even now, even though everyone is missing in the wallpaper ring .. Bangarraju is bravely bringing the film. The movie is set to release in theaters on January 14. Expectations are high for the Bangaraju film directed by Kalyan Krishna Kursala. It stars Naga Chaitanya as the hero.

Meanwhile, film promotions are in full swing. For this, book a chartered flight together. The Bangaraju team is completing the promotional activities in it. It was here that Nagarjuna once again gave the new guys a chance. Usually everyone in the Telugu industry runs towards senior anchor Suma for movie interviews. Because she was interviewed meant that everyone came to believe that it would definitely be a super hit. But Nagarjuna gave a chance to Bigg Boss beauty Lahari Shari.

Lahari Shari is also a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 5. He was eliminated in just three weeks. Even so Nagarjuna is in the spotlight. Lahari was unexpectedly eliminated even though she thought she would be there for many more weeks. Even after moving out of the house, he continues to have some difficulties in terms of career. The chances are slim to none. At a time like this, Nagarjuna gave a promotional interview for his film Bangaraju to Lahari. It will help her career a lot. Lahari shared with fans on social media that being on a flight with Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya for a whole day was an unforgettable experience in her life.

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