Leading SHIB Whale Buys 93 Million SLP But SHIB Remains Top Asset in Portfolio

By | December 23, 2021
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Recent data from DLT shows that one of the largest SHIB whales has purchased a massive stash of SLP with SHIB still holding the largest position among its assets.

A crypto whale who goes by the name “Light” and ranks fourth on WhaleStats has expanded its portfolio to Smooth Love Potion (SLP). However, the largest token position there by US dollar amount remains the Shiba Inu meme cryptocurrency.

Top whale SHIB buys $ 2.8 million in SLP

SHIB’s fourth-largest holder, “Light,” has purchased 93,360,440 SLPs, according to a recent WhaleStats tweet. That is the equivalent of $ 2,815,687.

Smooth Love Potion is ranked 446 on the CoinMarketCap scale of digital assets and at press time is changing hands at $ 0.03008 after a slight decline of over 2%.

It has a market capitalization of $ 96,451,213 and a trading volume of $ 103,339,910 detected within 24 hours.

The detailed data provided by WhaleStats shows, however, that the “Light” whale still primarily relies on Shiba Inu. This second most popular meme cryptocurrency occupies 36.56% of its portfolio and the equivalent of USD 1,348,413,820.

ETH ranks second with 18.19% worth $ 670,862,780. It is followed by CRO at 11.98%, with a value of $ 441,916,224.

The whale also has MATIC, USDT, WBTC, BUSD, and other currencies. The total value of its ERC-20-based crypto assets amounts to $ 1,996,077,852.

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As reported by U.Today earlier this month, “Light” added $ 5 million in SHIB to its crypto meme holdings.

13th largest whale buys 34 billion SHIB

On December 21, U.Today reported that another large SHIB whale named “Tsunade” acquired a whopping 34 billion SHIB tokens from exchange wallet CoinOne 2, adding them to its stash of 163.2 billion Shiba Inu.

The US dollar equivalent of the purchase was $ 1,002,526. According to data from etherscan, the whale bought the aforementioned 163.2 billion SHIBs in December in four massive transfers.

However, among the crypto assets that this person owns, DOGE occupies the most important position. It is followed by USDT, then SHIB and Ethereum.

SHIB is showing an increase

At the time of writing, the Shiba Inu coin that fell to 13th place on the CoinMarketCap scale is trading at $ 0.00003579, showing a slight increase of almost 4%.

On December 22, SHIB managed to reach the level of $ 0.00003724; However, later, the price dropped to the $ 0.00003458 area, having risen a bit by now.

Source: https://u.today/leading-shib-whale-buys-93-million-slp-but-shib-remains-top-asset-in-portfolio

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