Live Fuel Supply Crisis: Traffic At Lowest Since Closing As Pub Offers 20% Off Food Bill To Drivers With Less Than Half A Tank | UK News

Motorists struggle to find fuel in London

Even though the industry said there were signs the crisis was easing, drivers say they are still struggling for fuel.

London has some roads around it that have gotten stuck as people search for stations that are stocked, and some carry gasoline cans, plastic jugs and water bottles.

Speaking in a central London garage, the 54-year-old Altaf Hussain minicab driver said: “Right now, it’s still a crisis, because I was at a couple of service stations, I couldn’t find gasoline anywhere.

“As soon as possible, the government must address this problem, it must do it soon, because if they don’t, our business will collapse.”

Jusna Begum from East London added: “People can be easily fooled, there is no shortage of fuel, they just can’t take it away.”

While Glenn Longhurst, 53, a multi-trades worker based in East London, said: “It has been difficult to get fuel because of the many lines of other people panic buying.”

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