Logitech’s MX Keys Mini is a compact keyboard for minimalists

You haven’t had a lot of options for compact keyboards these days, a lot of them are mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers and fans, and Apple Magic keyboard it doesn’t make much sense to non-Apple users. However, Logitech might have a more viable alternative for some people. It’s just inserted an MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard that shrinks the original MX keys design in a small, minimal footprint.

The MX Keys Mini does not include a numeric keypad or other benefits of a full-size keyboard, but it retains the “Perfect Stroke” system that combines non-mechanical switches with arranged keys that can improve typing accuracy. There are even some new features that you won’t get on the larger keyboard, including a dictation key for Mac and Windows PCs, a microphone mute switch, and an emoji key.

The Mini is compatible with Android, ChromeOS, Linux, iOS, and iPadOS via Bluetooth or a USB receiver, with pairing for up to three devices. USB-C fast charging will help you if you need a few more hours of writing in a pinch.

The MX Keys Mini is now available for $ 100 in dark gray, pink and silver colors. That’s not a huge drop from the $ 130 price of the full MX keys, but it’s on par with the straightforward Magic Keyboard. It’s arguably a better buy if you prefer Logitech’s keyboard ergonomics, don’t like the feel of mechanics, or just want a keyboard that can easily switch between platforms.

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