Luffy vs Kaidou Part 2 Continues In One Piece Chapter 1038

One Piece Chapter 1038 reveals Kaidou’s drinking technique of alcohol after taking alcohol and drinking it. The manga delayed the previous chapter, but the oil and scans were released, but the manga will take another weekly break. Spoilers for One Piece 1038 will be released next week, although the manga will take a weekly hiatus. The spoilers for Chapter 1037 were delayed, but they were released recently, and we’ll be seeing updates on Luffy vs. Kaido and other mysteries on Onigashima. Luffy and Kaidou have yet to settle their scores as they are all determined to become the Pirate King.

Kaidou believes that a brat like Luffy will never become the Pirate King. This has become interesting since another battle was resolved, and the Straw Hats took down two of Kaidou’s important subordinates. The loss of Queen has been announced in the hall, and Kaidou’s subordinates were shocked as they never expected one of the main artists to be defeated by Sanji. They trusted Queen to get the job done. But he failed them as Sanji exceeded his limits and sent Queen away from Onigashima Castle.

In the previous manga update, Queen was seen brutalized in a way that he will not recover and is unrivaled against Sanji. Kaidou hasn’t received word that Queen was defeated, and the other allies still don’t know about Zoro vs. King. It was also shocking to see Zoro dominating King by Zoro. Kaidou would never believe that the Straw Hats and Samurai would defeat their mighty man, but the tides have turned, prompting the CP0s and Numbers to interfere. The new version of the Numbers has also joined the battle believing that they can defeat enemies.

Previously in One Piece Chapter 1037

The title of the chapter is “Shuron Hakke” in English, “Eight Trigrams Dragon Sake”. Shuron Hakke is revealed to be one of Kaidou’s Raimei Hakke: Eight Trigrams Thunder. We see part of the Capital of Flowers where the festival is about to end. But they are unaware of the war in Onigashima Castle; meanwhile, Kaidou versus Luffy in the second part, where Kaidou and Luffy exchange massive bombardments. Zoro has also crushed King, and it’s up to Luffy to take down Kaidou. Kaidou looks at his waist, withdraws his alcohol and drinks it while fighting with Luffy.

Chapter 1038: 1038
Chapter 1038: 1038

Shuron Hakke is Kaidou’s drunken technique, and he uses it to fight while drinking. The alcohol causes Kaidou to transform into a different phase when he fights Luffy. Luffy is sad; she cries and gets furious because he knows he must crush Kaidou. Kaidou unleashes Gundari: Ryuseigun and uses the technique against Luffy. But Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Rocket Gatling against Kaidou, who realizes that it was painful. Meanwhile, at Pangea Castle in Mary Geoise, we saw the Gorousei meeting and discussing the capture of Nico Robin.

They know that Nico Robin is the mainstay of the Straw Hat Pirates. On the other side, we see the Government warships approaching Wanokuni, but the Gorousei receive a report of a strange person in the fleet. The strange person told them about a gigantic and mysterious “Shadow”. The Gorousei was shocked and realized that it had never happened in the past. They know he’s a legend and he’s never woken up in the last hundred years. The Gorousei reveals about the Devil Fruit; They know that renaming the Devil Fruit will make it safe and secret. The gigantic and mysterious Shadow begins to reveal his true identity.

One Piece Chapter 1038 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1038 will be released on January 23, 2022. The guys inside the government ships noticed the giant Shadow. The confrontation between Luff and Kaidou continues as the mysterious Shadow reveals himself in the next few chapters. Kaoidou and Luffy are on par and fight without holding back. One Piece Chapter 1038 will be delayed. Let’s see the official details of One Piece Chapter 1038.

Chapter 1038: 1038
Chapter 1038: 1038

Read One Piece Chapter 1038 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read One-Piece Chapter 1038 online at VIZ Media’s official website. This manga is available on various official websites, and you can access the last three chapters officially in the Shonen Jump & Shueisha online magazine. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1038 will go on sale. Luffy and Kaidou are about to exceed their limits. Let’s meet when the spoilers for One-Piece Chapter 1038 are released.

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