Mahesh | If there is another birth .. then you are my elder brother: Mahesh tweeted about his brother’s death


Tragedy strikes in the family of superstar Mahesh Babu. Mahesh’s brother Ramesh Babu died on Saturday night. The film industry was shocked. Megastar Chiranjeevi also mourned the news. However, Mahesh Babu did not attend his brother’s funeral.

Recently, Mahesh’s corona turned out to be positive. With this he was in self-isolation at home. The order was followed by a tweet expressing emotion over the death of a brother. He shared his attachment with his elder brother on Twitter.

“You are my inspiration, my strength, my courage. Without you I would not be even half the person I am now. You have done so much for me. Thanks for that. Relax longer. In this life, even if there is another birth with me, you are always my elder brother. I will always love you, ”he posted along with a photo of his older brother.

It is learned that Mahesh Babu recently went to Dubai with his family for the New Year celebrations. He recently had a corona infection. With this he had to stay away from his elder brother’s funeral.

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