Make A Wish Teen With ‘Sudden Death Disease’ May Try For ‘The Voice’: ‘Dream Come True’

Your screen time on The voiceThe Blind Auditions episode was brief on Tuesday, but Berritt Haynes made a big impression and had a Voice experience you will never forget.

The 19-year-old indie pop singer’s original dream, presented to the Make A Wish Foundation last year, was to simply attend a live concert. Voice recording. That wish was not granted, because COVID restrictions meant there was no studio audience last season. But then Berritt’s mother sent a tape of her son singing to the show’s producers, and it turns out that on Tuesday Berritt ended up not in the audience, but in the stage. And he even scored a spot on Team Blake, after singing Shawn Mendes’s “Mercy,” a performance that had Blake Shelton declare him a “very good singer.”

“I can not only know [the judges], but I can also sing for them, and that’s a dream come true, ”Berritt gushed.

At the age of 8, Berritt was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, sometimes ominously known as “sudden death disease,” a condition that causes the heart muscle to become abnormally thick and cannot easily pump blood. When he was 14 years old, he received an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a device worn on the chest to detect and stop abnormal heartbeats. “I am really grateful to be alive,” he said. Voice host Carson Daly, as his Make A Wish dream came true in a way he never imagined.

“I’m very excited to have Berritt on my team,” said Blake. “He has a great voice. He has great vibrato. “Of course, it remains to be seen how well Berritt can do in season 21, as this cycle is already very competitive. His audition was not fully shown, and he only turned one chair (Blake’s , obviously), while Tuesday’s episode opened with the resolution of Monday four– chair hearing, when powerhouse Holly Forbes finally decided to join Team Kelly. But regardless of how far Berritt goes this season, he’s clearly already a winner.

These were the other blind auditions on Tuesday night:

Bella DeNapoli, 22: “Damaged”

This sassy girl from a large family of Italian musicians sang a slow stage version of Danity Kane’s mid-boom pop banger, and at first I thought she was doing path too. The arrangement was busy and their careers were all over the place. But somewhere in there, there was no denying that Bella had a pretty voice. John Legend loved his “cool all-new version” and said, “You can do anything!” Kelly Clarkson described Bella’s voice as “so intricate yet fluid and emotional. … I had a lot of heart ”. New coach Ariana Grande joined fellow Italian diva and declared Bella a “goddess” and one of her favorite contestants from season 21 thus far.

Who turned? Ariana, John and Kelly, but it took them a while to get into Bella’s rhythm.

Outcome: Team Ariana, of course.

David Vogel, 23: “Breathe”

The grungy indie guy did what he called a “rock-influenced” rendition of Ariana’s pop hit, but it was actually more gentle-influenced by rock, with a kind of John Mayer vibe. Ironically, despite the song’s title, David didn’t have very good breath control here. His performance also lacked overall dynamics. Ariana claimed that she loved his “really unique version” of her song, but I think it was a shame.

Who turned? Only Ariana, at the last minute.

Outcome: Team Ariana, by default. David was excited, because she was always his “dream coach” (he is a huge fan of her production work and vocal arrangements). But his Voice The dream may not last long.

Janora Brown, 22 years old: “My Angel”

John gave Janora a standing ovation and said, “Your voice really sounds great.” Kelly was less effusive in her praise, frankly telling Janora where she needed to improve. “It’s a lot of control to do the races that you did,” Kelly said. “I feel like I’m very good at knowing when to round the notes and make them sound really full, and I think I’m a very good coach at that.”

Who turned? Kelly and John, although I had the impression that they were more enthusiastic about Monica’s choice of the “really great” song than the performance itself.

Outcome: Team legend. Janora chose the safe option, the coach who praised her lavishly, rather than the more critical and outspoken coach. We’ll see if that strategy works. Kelly, meanwhile, lamented that her tough love “tactic” had “failed.”

Kaitlyn Velez, 21: “Please don’t go”

Kaitlyn, a young ukulele-playing singer-songwriter who had a viral independent COVID-era hit last year with “FOMO,” changed this upbeat Mike Posner song into a soft, moody version. She quickly established herself as this season’s quirky and symbolic girl, and I liked her courage and personality, but I’m not sure if this song was the best showcase for her vocal range. However, John loved Kaitlyn’s raw vibrato, and Blake noted, “Instantly when I turned around I was like, ‘Oh, she’s a songwriter,'” comparing her to the Grammy-winning ukulele enthusiast, Meghan Trainor.

Who turned? Blake and John.

Outcome: Team Blake. Kaitlyn admitted that she was so surprised (and grateful) that Blake actually turned around, that she felt like she couldn’t turn him down.

Clint Sherman, “Brown Eyed Girl”

A chair turn that received very little airtime, this mounted minstrel is definitely fodder and will likely ride in battle rounds as well. But Blake seemed happy to recruit Clint, inexplicably declaring, “Team Blake is on fire!”

Who turned? Just Blake.

Outcome: Team Blake, obviously.

The Cunningham Sisters: “Never Alone”

Marie (14) and Macie (15), sisters, friends and gospel pop singers formed by the church and calling themselves by the church, poured all their anguish about being bullied biracial children in a small town in this great Tori Kelly / Kirk Franklin cover. They had deep, booming, springy voices, like baby Toni Braxtons, and the crowd went wild for them, like it was Showtime at the Apollo on a good night. John, who like the Cunninghams hails from Ohio and started singing in church, was very excited to organize songs for the girls; Kelly was equally excited, but once again pointed out their (small) room for improvement, detailing how she could help them blend their voices and learn to let each other shine through during their solos.

Who turned? Just Kelly and John. was Really I was surprised it wasn’t a four-chair audition.

Outcome: Team Kelly! This time, Kelly’s tough love really worked.

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