Manchin Says He “Can’t Support” $ 3.5 Billion Reconciliation Package, As It Happened | US News

As a Democrat representing Republican-leaning West Virginia, Joe manchin he has consistently argued that his dovish politics prevent him from fully embracing many of the reforms and social spending that make up Biden’s platform.

But in his home state, the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation plan is immensely popular.

Zack Harold reports for The Guardian:

Eizabeth Masters is not a natural Joe Biden supporter. A self-describing conservative living in Parkersburg, deeply Republican West Virginia, said he registered to vote in the last election so he could vote for Donald Trump.

Masters says he doesn’t approve of people “just standing up for a handout”; He doesn’t think the United States should spend money on undocumented immigrants, for example, but he says anything that “helps people who are trying to do it themselves, I totally agree.”

To that end, Masters has found herself supporting the Biden administration’s efforts to pass a $ 3.5 trillion budget proposal that is filled with ambitious plans to help the poorest and working-class Americans on a variety of issues. social, from childcare to medical care.

Although he was vehemently opposed by Republicans And West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin himself, there is some evidence that the proposals in spending plans, which some have compared to the New Deal of the 1930s, are more popular with grassroots Republicans than their political representatives. That may be especially true in West Virginia, which is a poor, mostly white, working-class state whose residents would greatly benefit from Biden’s effort.

That’s why Masters says he supports the Child Tax Credit, the monthly IRS payments given to families with children who earn less than $ 200,000. The Build Back Better plan would make the credits permanent.

Masters and her husband recently obtained a loan to repair the roof of their house, only to lose the house in a fire. They had no insurance, so they are still paying off the loan. The Child Tax Credit payment you receive each month for your nine-year-old son covers that loan each month.

Biden’s budget bill includes his Build Back Better plan, which would lower taxes for most Americans, raise taxes on the wealthy, train more workers, and lower the costs of health care, child care, education and living place.

When WorkMoney, a non-partisan nonprofit, surveyed more than 50,000 of its 2 million members across the country, it found that 81% of those surveyed said they supported this plan. That includes 90% of liberals who responded to the poll, 81% of moderates, and 66% of conservatives.

Conservative backing seems even stronger in West Virginia, home of Manchin, a moderate Democrat who is one of the critical critics on the budget bill and whose efforts could derail the entire plan, or see large parts of it scrapped as it is being scrapped. resists budget policy. price tag.

But according to the poll, 80% of the more than 800 people surveyed in their home state believe they should vote to pass the bill. That includes 77% of conservatives who responded to the poll.

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