Married in First Sight finale reveals the fate of the last two couples

Married at first sight United Kingdom Final spoilers follow.

Married at first sight has finally broadcast the series finale tonight (October 1) after technical issues left fans disappointed last night when E4 broadcast the wrong episode.

Amy and Josh they stayed in the middle of renewing their vows the last time we saw them. While their romance hasn’t been easy during the show’s six weeks, the two of them addressed their concerns during the ceremony, but ultimately decided to stick together and try to make their relationship work in the outside world.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, Tayah and Adam and Morag and Luke they began preparing to spend a week apart before renewing their vows, with Tayah and Luke packing their bags to go home to their families.

Married At First Sight, Amy And Josh Vow Renewal

Channel 4

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Both couples were concerned that spending time apart and going back to their lives before the show could spell the end of their relationships.

Back at home, Luke had a chat with his mother, who questioned Morag’s engagement, expressing that he doesn’t think she’s a good fit for him and that he doesn’t think Morag is ready to make the long-distance relationship work.

Meanwhile, Tayah revealed to her mother that she wants to move from Hertfordshire to Doncaster to live with Adam, causing her mother to worry that they might be moving too fast. And although Tayah said she had no doubts in her mind, she was concerned that Adam might change his mind while he was away from her.

married at first sight, luke and morag at vow renewal

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Luke and Morag were the first to meet again for their votes. Luke admitted to doing an examination of conscience and asking himself some tough questions during the week they were apart. He recalled his ups and downs and admitted that he felt emotionally advanced in their relationship.

He was hurt in the past and he didn’t want to be hurt again by Morag keeping him at a distance, but he realized that putting his happiness before his is what love is and decided that he wanted to stay together.

Morag, on the other hand, recalled wondering why they had been paired since they are polar opposites and wanting to run away from him since she didn’t think he was the man for her.

She admitted that she wished she had given it her all and was concerned that Luke was still not being the true self around her and was agreeing with her on many things just for the sake of their relationship. Morag confessed that she was concerned that if she got engaged to Luke now, they would hurt each other months later.

But that’s not what she wanted and she decided to stay with Luke and make it work.

married at first sight, tayah and adam at vow renewal

Channel 4

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Tayah only had good things to say about her husband and soulmate Adam in renewing her vows as she revealed that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Adam also praised their relationship and their incredible bond of love and trust. But he felt something was missing and he didn’t know how to say it. “It’s a bit backwards, but this whole experiment is,” he said as his voice cracked under his nerves.

Shaking, Adam reached into his breast pocket to pull out a ring before kneeling down and proposing to Tayah.

We’re a little concerned that Adam forgot how this show started, but we’re glad Tayah, of course, agreed to (re) marry him.

Married at first sight will broadcast the episode of the meeting upon Monday, October 4 at 9 pm on E4.

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