Mavatrix, a new play-to-earn gaming project announces its first NFT drop, the first reward-based NFTs to launch on BSC

By | December 20, 2021

Mavatrix It is a GameFi project that will be launched soon and that will enter the market through its NFT crash. Mavatrix will be the first project to launch a rewards-based NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain.

The context of the project

Games are gradually gaining ground as a world sport. In 2019, the industry is worth $ 138 billion.

Within the gaming industry, especially starting in 2020, the market began to witness a new revolution, guided by Blockchain technology. The use of blockchain has exploded due to the need for a new system that can replace the problems that exist in the traditional paper money system with something completely new and revolutionary.

The value of Blockchain in games

  1. Increase the security of the gaming market
  2. Improve ownership of game assets
  3. Improvement of the projection of the value of intangible assets
  4. Control over your favorite video games
  5. Exchange resources and get rewards
  6. Improving payment methods
  7. Integrated game profiles

The combination of cryptocurrencies with video games can result in a more pleasant, safe and fluid gaming experience. The cryptocurrency gaming business is still in its infancy. This ensures that users will be able to try new games for years to come. As a result, cryptocurrencies and video games have the potential to change the entire gaming business in a number of ways.

The Mavatrix team wants to do exactly this, revolutionize the industry, starting right out of the box with the launch of their NFT collection – officially the first rewards-based NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain!

Announcing Mavatrix: A Blockchain-Based Gacha-Like Gaming Project!

Within the gaming industry, Gacha games are surely the most profitable and downloaded. According to the SensorTower Industry Trends report, hyper-casual titles have dominated the 2020 top charts, and adoption of the genre grew 45 percent year-on-year in 2020. Additionally, hyper-casual games have surpassed 10,000 million installs in 2020. Most likely because these games are simple to play and allow people to have fun and relax, and if you also add the gamification and win mechanism, well, we found gold.

Mavatrix is ​​poised to revolutionize the Gacha industry by launching the first project of its kind on Binance Smart Chain – a blockchain “gacha” game! Collect unique avatars, play minigames and battles as you earn tokens and more!

The project will be released from the launch of NFT, a legendary collection of linked non-playable characters with incredible rewards that will be sent to NFT owners periodically, forever!

Mavatrix Powers Launch with Collection of Reward-Based NFTs, First of Its Kind on Binance Smart Chain

NFTs are increasingly revolutionizing the design and creativity industry alongside the gaming industry. NFTs are in fact in a game world or metaverse a class of digital assets or avatars that have in themselves a unique and intrinsic value that also increases the owner’s sense of ownership of the game.

The Mavatrix team intends to launch a unique project on Binance Smart Chain that combines both earnings and gaming mechanisms, actually starting with their launch of NFT. These NFTs will therefore be the legendary non-playable Mavatrix characters that will have a unique feature, rewarding their owners for believing in the Mavatrix project!

Reward user loyalty through Mavatrix’s reward-based NFT collection

Mavatrix has great expectations and great potential. For this reason, the team wants the minters of the first launch of NFT to receive a periodic (daily) share of royalties as a reward for all transactions of the MAV token through decentralized exchanges such as Pancake swap, DeFi in general or in play.

This particular way of launching is a way to build trust and commitment with the project’s first believers. Mavatrix intends, in fact, to reward the faithfulness of the first believers who bought the NFT collection.

Mavatrix’s NFT launch will also be the first example of a reward-based NFT launch on the Binance Smart Chain protocol, setting a precedent and model for the other future projects using this blockchain technology started by monster exchange giant Binance.

Users and early believers will receive rewards based on the MAV Token, which can also be the base currency of the game. Also, if someone wants to sell their NFT, it will be possible too! In this case, however, the owner will lose access to all rewards that have not yet been withdrawn and that will be collected by the new owner.

After the release of the collection, in fact, the community will be able to sell their NFTs and Tokens on secondary markets such as the Binance market and their MAV Tokens on DeFi Exchanges such as the pancake exchange. Again, NFT owners need to understand that by selling their NFT they will also forfeit the opportunity to earn automatic rewards on their wallets.

Rewards will become the first and most important quality of appreciation for NFTs, which will in fact not just be unique images of no value, but will store real value through their rewarding auto-generated events.

So that users can get their Mavatar and join the launch on December 22.

Mavatrix is ​​ready to revolutionize the NFT and gaming industry since its launch, launching its first legendary NFT collection linked with incredible rewards!

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