MF Ghost Anime Announced: Release Date & Teaser Trailer

Will the MF Ghost manga get an anime adaptation? Will there be a sequel to Initial D? MF Ghost is a series that is a breath of fresh air. It brings to the table a unique story based primarily on the reality of drift racing. What makes MF Ghost so interesting and engaging is the fact that it is very set in reality due to the actual car models it focuses on, as well as representing the actual subculture of drift racing in Japan. It brings viewers an acute sense of excitement. Like its initial D prequel, MF Ghost tells the story of a genius racer, Kanata Levington. This, coupled with the fact that he’s a disciple of our favorite, Takumi Fujiwara, makes Kanata a runner to be reckoned with.

Initial D fans, we’d like to happily tell you that Initial D sequel MF Ghost is finally getting an anime adaptation. If you want information about it, you have chosen the right article because we will tell you everything there is to know about the next anime.

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MF Ghost: anime announcement, trailer and release date

The anime for the hit manga, MF Ghost, the sequel to Initial D, is officially in development. On January 3, 2022, Avex Pictures, on their official YouTube channel, posted the official trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of the MF Ghost manga. The expected release date for the anime was set for the year 2023. The central focus of the trailer has been the cars and not the characters. The central focus of this anime will be Toyota’s 86, which is the Corolla AE86-inspired next-gen car that was the main focus of Initial D.

With the anime’s announcement made recently, more details such as the cast and staff have yet to be revealed. However, from the trailer, it can definitely be said that this anime will be as good as its prequel in terms of visuals. Although the new series will contain a completely different set of characters as its main focus, the excitement for the upcoming anime is real, as it will include some of our favorite Initial D characters.

Above is the official trailer for the MF Ghost anime. You can also follow the MF Ghost official website for more updates.

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MF Ghost: Synopsis

MF Ghost is originally a manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. The ongoing manga has been published in Kodansha’s Weekly Young magazine since 2017 and as of now, it has a total of 12 tankabon volumes. MF Ghost is a manga series that focuses on real car models. This, coupled with the fact that it shows the reality of drift racing in Japan, is what has made both Initial D and MF Ghost so popular, not only in Japan but also internationally.

MF Ghost anime announced

Set years after the events of Initial D, in the future and into the late 1920s, MF Ghost follows the story of Kanata Livington as the protagonist. Driverless electric cars have become the new norm in Japan by replacing combustion engine cars. In such an advanced society, there is only one racetrack by the name of MFG that hosts combustion engine-based auto races. Enter Kanta Livington, a young racer of Japanese-British origin, to visit Japan not only to participate in the MFG car races but also to meet his father. Kanata moves in with her late mother’s friends and starts racing in a borrowed Toyota 86 under her father’s last name, Ken Katagiri.

Although not as good as rival cars in terms of specs, Kanata makes it into the Top 15 due only to his overwhelming abilities. However, the secret of Kanata’s skill is taught to him by none other than the legendary runner Takumi Fujiwara. Eventually, the MFG workers, familiar with Takumi, learn of this fact, and so Kanata slowly becomes the center of their attention, as it seems that Takumi’s legacy is not over yet.

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