Microsoft confirms they are working on new volume sliders for Windows 11

The current version of the volume slider in Windows 10 (and also Windows 11) dates back to Windows 8 and is now almost 10 years old.

The outdated slider is designed for touchscreen use (like much of Windows 8) and therefore is too large a layout and stays on the screen for too long.

We already know that Microsoft is working on a new version after a developer found resources for the new slider in Windows 11 code in June of this year.

Now Microsoft’s program manager Brandon LeBlanc has admitted that they are working on a new volume slider for Windows 11.

Given how close we are to the Windows 11 October 5 release date, it seems likely that Microsoft won’t be able to include the new look in the RTM version, but presumably the new look will be completed as the operating system matures with updates. next year. .

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