Moralis Drops Metaverse SDK to Advance Cross-Chain Metaverse Development

By | December 21, 2021
  • Moralis has announced the release of an SDK.
  • This will help simplify the development of Web3 games and metaverse applications.
  • The SDK will integrate with the Unity cross-platform game engine.

Moral Announces the release of a software development kit (SDK) to streamline the development of Web3 games and metaverse applications. Connected with the leading game development environment Unit, the SDK enables developers to quickly add Web3 features to their metaverse applications.

The backend development platform accelerates developments by more than 10 times, which is why more than 65,000 teams already use Moralis to support the backend of their Web3 applications. Moralis wants developers to focus on building their dApp and abstracting infrastructure development with their Metaverse SDK, which has already been used with great success by early adopters.

Metaverse is at its peak even though the space is still in an early stage. The metaverse is what allows fans and gamers to meet online, artists share their masterpieces, and earn money for their hard work, among other uses.

Moralis is now embracing more innovation with the release of its Metaverse SDK after having vast experience in supporting Web3 applications and blockchain projects. The SDK will integrate with the Unity cross-platform game engine. This means that programmers can now create metaverse applications that support all the Moralis chains and major gaming platforms, including the web, Windows, Mac, Xbox, Playstation and others. Clearly, programmers have a lot to benefit from using the Moralis SDK.

They will benefit from special features, such as the ability to sync all of their items from Moralis-backed chains and use any wallet with WalletConnect to speed up NFT exchanges in the game.

At the moment, the Kit has already been used successfully on the NFT platform. SuperFarm and recently launched in avalanche. Ivan, Co-founder of Moralis says this about the launch of the Metaverse SDK,

The metaverse is hotter than ever. So this is a good time to introduce the Moralis Metaverse SDK. The SDK comes with a crucial integration with Unity and puts powerful metaverse game development capabilities at the fingertips of developers.

“Moralis Metaverse SDK is a lifesaver. The preview of the SDK that we have used has been a very critical piece in the development of the SuperFarm ecosystem. We believe the broader ecosystem will find it incredibly valuable, ”added Elliot Wainman, co-founder of SuperFarm.

Similarly, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal claims that Moralis is an amazing full-stack tool that enables Polygon to reach more developers and bring more use cases to the net. He reveals that he is excited to see what the developers are going to build with the Moralis Metaverse SDK on Polygon.

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