Multistarrer with three heroes .. Government huge song sketch of their song director

Director Parasuaram
Director Parasuaram

Director Parasuaram | Multistarrer movies are coming more and more in the Telugu industry. Especially after Rajamouli made a Triple R movie with two superstars, our heroes changed completely. They say there is no objection to acting together if the story is good. With this, the directors are also advancing the heroes with good stories. It was during this sequence that the discussion about another crazy multistarrer started in Tollywood.

Parashuram, the director who is currently screening their song film with Sarkar as Mahesh Babu’s hero, gave an interview recently. He put out an interesting thing in it. He says he has an amazing multistarrer story that requires three heroes. If the government hits the movie with their song, the movie will definitely go on the rails. Because if Mahesh’s film is a success, it will easily collect 100 crores. With that belief, any producer will come forward to unveil the story that Parashuram tells. The multistarrer of those three heroes certainly comes up on the sets. However, none of the heroes, he did not open the matter of how the story is going. But one thing is for sure, if three star heroes act together in the same movie, there will be no other sensation than that. Parushuram, who was introduced to youth cinema as a director, is known for his films like Anjaneyulu, Solo, Srirasthu Shubhamasthu and Geeta Govindam. For the first time in his career, he is doing a film with a star hero like Mahesh Babu. Parashuram’s career is based on this film.

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