My dream came true with ‘Hero’!

‘It’s been two years since this movie started. Filming will take place between lockdowns whenever possible. The time has come for our expectation to come to fruition. Sankranthi feels lucky to have this movie audience ahead. We are going to introduce our boy and company on the 15th of this month ‘said Guntur MP Galla Jayadev. His son, Agrahero Maheshbabu’s nephew Ashok Galla is introduced as the hero in the movie ‘Hero’. Sriram Aditya is the director. Galla Padmavati is the producer. Coming to an audience on the 15th of this month. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Galla Jayadev said, “Krishnagar has been advised to release on the 15th of this month. We put up this banner just for our boy. Acting has been his life since he was a child.

He did acting courses in Singapore and Texas. I want my sons Ashok and Siddharth to carry this banner. ‘ ‘It would be nice if there was a new hero to this story. The story has found an appropriate title. The cowboy episode in this movie stands out as a special attraction. This is a festival-like film in the wallpaper season, ‘said the director. Hero Ashok Galla said, “Sankranthi release has given new impetus to everyone in the team. My dream seems to be coming true with this movie. The audience laughs at the candles throughout with fine humor throughout. Tataya fans and Mahesh Babugari fans are all supporting this film. ‘ Padmavati Galla said that Ashok’s talents will be known to everyone through this film.

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