My Master Has No Tail Anime Announced! Visual Teaser Released

When we think that this year could not be more exciting, something more electrifying emerges. Many people who have thought that this year is going to be worse than the last, I like to tell everyone that it is time for everyone to start watching anime. We cannot ignore the difficulties that we all face in this course of years struggling to sustain. These new releases gave us hope to keep going. The anime series that comes from Japan to brighten our mood is “My teacher has no tail.” Like many other new releases from the year 2022, My Master has no Tail is also an anime adaptation of the manga by the writer TNSK.

When there are many popular anime series slated to come out in the year 2022, the creators of “My Master has no Tail” were not far behind. In fact, the title is strange and funny at the same time, but manga readers will surely be aware of the importance of said title. We are not going to spoil anything, we will only show it through the announcements made about the launch of the anime adaptation of the series. Let’s find out if the series will come out as another winter 2022 anime or not.

My master has no tail
My master has no tail

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About My master has no tail

The My Master has no Tail series is best known for the Japanese manga series of the same name. The series is written by the TNSK writer, who titled it “Uchi no Shisho was Shippo ga Nai” in Japanese. The manga is officially published by Kodansha who is well known for publishing other manga like Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Blue Period, Fairy Tail, and many more. The manga was published on January 7, 2019 and is still ongoing. So far, it has been compiled into 6 tankobon volumes. The manga gained immense popularity, and now we don’t even need to introduce it anymore. A new chapter of the manga is released every week, and the anime series is also due out soon.

My master has no tail frame

It is quite obvious that since there is a manga available to read, we are all somewhat aware of the plot of the next series. The plot of the manga series revolves around a shapeshifting Tanuki girl named Mameda. Tanuki is a Japanese word used by Racoon, which means that Tanuki is a raccoon. Mameda, being a Tanuki, has a dream of becoming a human and is looking for ways to find her motive. The plot progressed when one day Mameda met another Tanuki who was just like her. The Tanuki he met is a lady named Bunko, who initially advised Mameda to give up her dreams of becoming a human. Later, Bunko ended up becoming Mameda’s mentor, who began to guide her on how to disguise herself as a human.

The reason the series is called “My Tailless Master” is because of Mameda’s dream of becoming a human and Bunko guided her to disguise herself as such. The main reason was losing the tail and how Bunko dominated to hide his tail. The plot will show you the maternal feeling towards which Bunko will exhibit. Also, their bond grows stronger and stronger and makes the series more relaxing than ever.

my mater has no tail
My Master has no tail Characters.

My Master Has No Tail anime announced

Going back to the main topic, since we already have a manga series, the creators didn’t take long to announce an anime series as well. According to official announcements, the anime series will debut in 2022, but the exact release date is still unknown. Other information such as direction, production and writer have been revealed. The series will be directed by Hideyo Yamamoto, who is famous for directing the series “Strike the Blood”, “Bungou Stray Dogs”, “Kuromukuro” and many other popular anime series. As for the writing team, it includes Touko Machida, known for her work on Akame ga Kill, Kei Shimobayashi, Aya Satsuki, and Yuho Togashi.

The anime will be produced by Liden Films, which is currently in the highlight of its “Tokyo Revengers” series. As for his other works, he created Berserk, Killing Bites, Phantom in the Twilight, and many other notable anime series. TNSK, the original manga writer, is also excited to share his feelings on his Twitter account. Production on the anime has already started, and a visual sneak peek was also removed, upsetting many fans.

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