Netflix buys Game Dev Night School Studio, Maker Of Oxenfree

An image of the Netflix logo superimposed on the Oxenfree promotional art.

Image: Netflix / Night School Studio / Kotaku

Streaming giant Netflix acquired Night School Studio, a developer founded by former Telltale Games employees that launched No oxen, an intriguing supernatural mystery game, and After the party, a pub comedy trip through hell. Although it is now a subsidiary of Netflix, Night School Studio confirmed that No oxen 2Development is still going on.

in a Press releaseNight School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel said the pairing between the two was “natural,” noting that Netflix’s mission to “support diverse storytellers” leads both parties to join forces.

“Night School wants to extend our narrative and design aspirations through original and distinctive games with heart,” said Krankel. “Netflix offers creators of movies, television and now games an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our explorations into storytelling play and Netflix’s history of supporting diverse storytellers was such a natural combination. I felt that both teams came to this conclusion instinctively. “

As such, Night School Studio is now officially the first game developer under Netflix’s wing. It’s widely known that Netflix has wanted to jump into game development, partnering with several developers, including Telltale Games on a show since canceled. Strange things adventure game: to launch projects linked to your licensed IP. But the streaming giant has never had a developer until now, and it’s unclear what work Night School will do as a subsidiary.

Krankel confirmed that Night School will continue to work on No oxen 2, which will be released next year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation consoles and PC. Krankel also said that the team “will continue to create new worlds of games” and that Netflix has “shown the utmost care to protect our studio culture and our creative vision.”

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News of this acquisition comes shortly after the streaming giant hosted a fan event called TUDUM (yes, that’s Netflix’s startup sound onomatopoeia). It was a three-hour showcase full of revelations, such as the introduction to live adaptation of Cowboy bebop (which is really good, unless I ask my editor, who I suspect is dead inside) and confirmation that The Wizard Will Return for a third season along with a spin-off for children.

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