Netflix spills its 10 best shows and movies by hours seen for the first time

Scene from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is among the shows that reveal a new hours watched metric that are more popular than previous Netflix metrics indicated.


Netflix released on Monday the top 10 rankings for its most popular original shows and movies by the number of hours people watched them in total during the first month of its release, the first time it has revealed that kind of data for its programming. . (And in about two weeks, Netflix’s smash hit Squid, a Korean dystopian horror series, may be the new leader in the ranks of your top televisions once it reaches its own one-month mark).

During the last years, Netflix has been more aggressive in advertising its most popular titles, but typically its viewership statistics were based on the number of accounts that watched at least two minutes of a show, a metric sometimes criticized for not actually showing how many people watched. a title, just how many tried it. The hours watched metric also demonstrates the strength of some shows that were released before Netflix started constantly talking about viewership stats, or those that were released so long ago that Netflix simply had millions less accounts available to test than they did. who enjoy the newer shows. ,

Strange thingsSeason 3, for example, is the fifth most popular Netflix show by number of accounts testing it. But for hours watched, the third season of Strange things It amounts to Netflix’s third-most popular original series, and its second season, which came out when Netflix had 100 million fewer subscribers than it does now, is its eighth-most popular show by hours.

Retro sci-fi series Strange things It is one of three shows to appear twice on the top 10 list by hours of playback. Money robbery, a series in Spanish also known as La Casa de Papel, and For thirteen reasons, a teen series that has been criticized for its depiction of suicide, also reappears on the show’s roster for most hours watched. Its reappearance in the rankings reflects how hours viewed, as a metric, can be a better indicator of the enduring appeal of particular titles.

But the hours watched metric also has some drawbacks: For example, it favors movies and TV seasons that simply have longer run times. Three and a half hours long the Irish It suddenly appears at the top of Netflix’s top 10 movies by viewing hours, even though it falls far short of the top 10 ranking when you count how many accounts tested it.

For years, Netflix was notoriously secretive about the audience. The creator of House of cards, which put Netflix’s original content efforts on the map, once said the company wouldn’t even share audience metrics with him. But in the past two years, Netflix has gotten a lot more talkative about the popularity of its shows and movies, to help recruit talent and stoke excitement. It also added a top trending rating to its service, so people can see what the most popular titles are streaming on Netflix in their country on a given day.

But Netflix’s audience statistics have exasperated parts of the television industry for being unverified, unsupported, and released without much responsibility.

“We’re trying to be more transparent with the market, with the talent, with everyone,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said Monday at the Code conference in Los Angeles, where Netflix unveiled the new rankings.

The most popular shows on Netflix

Top 10 Netflix series by total watch hours in first 28 days:

  1. Bridgerton, season 1 – 625 million hours
  2. Money robbery, part 4 – 619 million hours
  3. Strange things 3 – 582 million hours
  4. The Wizard, season 1 – 541 million hours
  5. For thirteen reasons, Season 2 – 496 million hours
  6. For thirteen reasons, season 1 – 476 million hours
  7. you, season 2 – 457 million hours
  8. Strange things 2 – 427 million hours
  9. Money robbery part 3 – 426 million hours
  10. Ginny and Georgia, season 1 – 381 million hours

Netflix had previously released (almost) all of the audience statistics by number of accounts that sampled them for the shows in that top 10 ranking.

Top 10 Netflix series by number of accounts that have watched at least 2 minutes in their first 28 days of release:

  1. Bridgerton, season 1 – 82 million
  2. Lupine, part 1 – 76 million
  3. The Witcher, Season 1 – 67 million
  4. Sex / Life, Season 1 – 67 million
  5. Stranger Things 3: 67 million (the only unpublished figure)
  6. Money Heist, part 4 – 65 million
  7. Tiger King, season 1 – 64 million
  8. The Queen’s Gambit – 62 million
  9. Sweet Tooth, season 1 – 60 million
  10. Emily in Paris, season 1 – 58 million

The most popular movies on Netflix

For movies, Netflix’s top 10 movies by total watch hours in first 28 days:

  1. Bird box – 282 million hours
  2. Extraction – 231 million hours
  3. the Irish – 215 million hours
  4. the Kissing booth 2 – 209 million hours
  5. 6 underground – 205 million hours
  6. Confidential Spenser – 197 million hours
  7. Enola Holmes – 190 million hours
  8. Army of the dead – 187 million hours
  9. The old guard – 186 million hours
  10. Murder mystery – 170 million hours

Once again, Netflix had previously released all the movie audience statistics according to its two-minute metric.

For reference, the top 10 Netflix movies by number of accounts that have watched at least 2 minutes in their first 28 days of release:

  1. Extraction – 99 million
  2. Bird Box – 89 million
  3. Spenser Confidential – 85 million
  4. 6 Underground – 83 million
  5. Murder Mystery – 83 million
  6. The Old Guard – 78 million
  7. Enola Holmes – 77 million
  8. Project Power – 75 million
  9. Army of the Dead – 75 million
  10. Paternity – 74 million

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