New World: Amazon’s prohibitively popular MMO is trying to cut wait time around the world

The New World was absolutely enormous at launch yesterday, to the point where it became very difficult to play the game. Fortunately, Amazon Games has been working to reduce wait times around the world to help new players enter the MMO.

The developer has been updating New World Forums during its first day of release. So far, additional worlds have been added to the servers in the EU Central, North America West, North America East, and Australia, with the aim of offering a more even distribution of players. With the team promising to monitor global congestion, you can likely expect more expansions as time goes on.

If you’re looking to get in while the hype is hot, a new fan-run website, New World State aims to provide live data for player counts around the world, including the number of people waiting in line for any game world, and an estimated average wait time.

It’s quite possible that even Amazon was surprised by the popularity of the New World launch day. It quickly became the most played Steam game of the year, reaching over 700,000 simultaneous players, breaking Valheim’s huge record from early 2021.

We’ve started an in-progress review for New World, praising its appearance and player-based economy, but voicing some initial concerns about combat and character customization. It will update as time goes on, but initial impressions feel positive.

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