Nigel Farage hit by a van in a roundabout while desperately looking for gasoline | United Kingdom | News

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said he was hit by a pickup truck during a desperate search for gas on Thursday. The Brexit activist timed the government’s handling of the current UK oil crisis in an angry tweet. Mr. Farage was furious: “The government tells us that the fuel crisis is easing.

“I went to 7 gas stations this morning and there was no fuel at any of them.

“Then he was hit by a truck while stopped in a roundabout. Good start to the day!”

Several Twitter users responded by brutally mocking Farage, and Remainers again blaming Brexit for the current fuel crisis engulfing the country.

The Grit (@theGrit_music) wrote: “And would you say this has nothing to do with #Brexit?

“Not quite, of course, but Brexit has certainly contributed.”

Twitter user twizzle (@ FC19773) commented: “Welcome to Brexit Nigel. Are you happy now?”

But others were more sympathetic to the former Brexit Party leader.

Borealis Lass (@ JanetP79) said, “Hope you’re okay Nigel, ignore the haters and keep doing what you do.”

Kerry (@kerryhappygirl) commented, “Sorry to hear this Nigel. Hope you’re okay.”


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