Nigel Farage hit by truck in a roundabout while driving in search of gasoline

The Brexit activist said he tested seven gas stations but was unable to refuel, before being in a car accident while standing in his car.

Nigel Farage said he was in a car accident this morning.
Nigel Farage said he was in a car accident this morning.

Nigel Farage claims he was hit by a pickup truck while looking for gas in his car as the fuel crisis worsened.

The voice of Brexit tweeted to say: “The government tells us that the fuel crisis is subsiding …

“I went to 7 gas stations this morning and there was no fuel at any of them.

“Then he was hit by a truck while stopped in a roundabout. Good start to the day!”

On Tuesday, government transportation secretary Grant Shapps said the oil crisis was showing the “first sign of stabilization” and that stations could reopen “in days.”

The Welwyn Hatfield MP urged British drivers to return to their normal shopping habits and tried to blame the public, demanding that they stop bringing “water bottles” to gas stations.

But he added there are “tentative” signs that stocks are being replenished in tanks below Britain’s gas stations, and that could start in a few days.

In an interview with broadcasters, Shapps said there was more gasoline at gas stations, although he acknowledged that it would not have an immediate impact on fuel lines.

“There are now the first very tentative signs of stabilization in the esplanade storage that will not yet be reflected in the tails,” he said.

Just yesterday, two people were recorded apparently filling a bucket, lined with a garbage bag, with gasoline as terrified motorists continued to flock to the esplanade.

the amazing footage it emerged showing two men filling a bucket lined with a black lead-free bag while at a gas station.

In the clip believed to be at a Shell station, a sign saying ‘£ 35 limit on all fuel purchases’ can be seen on the pump as a man fills the container with gasoline.

As the long lines continued outside gas stations across the country, there were even uglier scenes of fights between frustrated drivers.

A group of men were filmed fighting outside a gas station in Epping, Essex, while in Ashford, Kent, an ambulance was seen waiting in line for gasoline.

Reports claim it could be mid-November before the 5,000 truckers offered three-month work visas hit the roads.

It was claimed that the time required to establish the plan, select companies to process applications and for carriers to hire drivers could prevent them from getting on our roads sooner, it was stated.

The temporary visas will expire on Christmas Eve, prompting the head of a major UK carrier to tell The Grocer magazine: “Calling it a three-month plan is false.”

It is feared that the driver shortage, estimated at 100,000, could affect supplies of everything from food to toys in the run-up to Christmas.

A fleet of government trucks has hit the roads to help address the fuel crisis.

The 80 tanker trucks, stationed in Fenstanton, Cambs and Bradford, West Yorks, are kept ready for deployment 24 hours in advance.

Confirming that the Reserve Tanker Fleet had been deployed, Commercial Secretary Kwarsi Kwarteng said: “The trucks are driven by civilians and will provide additional logistical capacity to the fuel industry.”

Insisting that the crisis was subsiding, he added: “Now we are seeing signs that the situation at the pumps has started to improve with more stations getting more fuel.”

A government spokesperson said: “We have taken immediate steps to increase the supply of heavy vehicle drivers, streamlining the testing process, allowing fuel companies to work together, and introducing short-term visas.

“This is a global problem and we have been working closely with the industry for months to understand how we can drive hiring.”

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