Nintendo Insider teases new N64 games coming to Nintendo Switch Online

A trusted Nintendo insider has teased a handful of new Nintendo 64 titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online in the future. Although Nintendo itself has already revealed the first wave of N64 games hitting the platform sometime in October, this insider in question has now given us a better idea of ​​what titles might hit the service in the coming months.

According to a leak that goes by the name Zippo, Nintendo Switch Online will add several games from developer Rare to the service in the future. For those who were with the Nintendo 64 was in its heyday, Rare was one of the most notable studios that made games for the console. As such, hearing that various titles from the studio could be coming to Nintendo Switch Online is a given.

Based on a new Blog of Zippo, it is said that Diddy Kong Racing and Murderous instinct are two specific rare titles in question that have been told that they will be heading to Nintendo Switch Online. Diddy Kong Racing is a popular rarity racing game that featured the titular character of Donkey Kong and gave players the ability to race through a series of stages, whether on land, air, or water. Murderous instinct is then a fighting game that appeared on various platforms in the 1990s. The version of the game that Rare developed for the Nintendo 64 was known as Killer Instinct Gold, and was also present at Rare repeat for Xbox One in 2015.

Although these two games in question have yet to be confirmed for Nintendo Switch Online, a rare game that will absolutely come to the service is that of Banjo-Kazooie. While the popular platformer won’t be among the first wave of titles to land on Nintendo Switch Online in October, Nintendo itself has said it will arrive at a later date.

Taken together, Zippo also suggests that these three titles will only be the first of many rare games that end up making it to the Nintendo 64 vertical of Nintendo Switch Online. While it might take us a bit to know if this rings true, given Rare’s prominence as a studio with the N64, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until a number of classic company projects are available to play via Nintendo subscription. . Service.

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