Not big .. Saying as a child .. Everyone should exercise restraint: Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi | After the meeting with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan, movie hero Chiranjeevi made key remarks. Chiranjeevi said that CM Jagan had spoken in a way that would give a lot of courage to the film industry. Not big in this context .. I say as a child .. Everyone should exercise restraint .. If anyone leaves they speak and their mouths slip. Chiranjeevi made it clear that the conditions were favorable for me.

Chiranjeevi had an hour-long discussion with Jagan at the CM’s camp office in Thadepalli on issues related to the film industry. Chiranjeevi also discussed with Jagannath the issues related to the film industry and the movie ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh and asked for refinement.

Chiranjeevi spoke to the media at Gannavaram Airport on the occasion of his return journey to Hyderabad. The meeting with CM Jagan went on very satisfactorily. Is happy. He was invited to the festival. The approach to spirituality was most satisfying. “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Jagannath couple for their kind words,” Chiru said.

Especially Jagan invited me ..

The controversy over the past few months over the film industry has continued. There is dissatisfaction with what happens. There are some issues between the industry and the government. I was specially invited by Jagan in this order. He took into consideration the proposals he had made and discussed the modalities. I respect the effort to make entertainment available to the general public. I also explained to Jagannath the pros and cons of the film industry. Jagan responded positively to the cine industry issues. Jagan said a committee would be set up to resolve the issue.

No one needs to be afraid.

There are a lot of workers behind the film. Rekkadite but Dokkadani workers have difficulties. The corona has been an egg for film workers for four months. The onus is on everyone to think about the workers. Theaters also have problems. They are in a state of insecurity that could lead to the closure of theaters. In this context, constructive suggestions were made to give courage to all of them. CM Jagan responded positively. Understood all things. He himself will not be a party. I look at everyone with optimism. No one needs to be scared. Chiranjeevi said Jagan had told him that a decision acceptable to all would be taken soon. Listening to Jagan’s words gave me immense courage. Chiranjeevi revealed that Jagan had told him that he would meet him soon and announce all the decisions and then release Jivo.

Favorable organism on weekdays ..

Not big .. As a child I let the movie industry, the theaters know them as a person .. None of you are unnecessarily worried. If anyone leaves, they will not speak. The conditions are favorable for me. Exercise restraint. We are hopeful that the film industry will be in a favorable mood on weekdays. Jagan also responded positively to the management of the fifth show. The meeting was very fruitful. Chiranjeevi said he would arrange a meeting with the film industry elders soon and bring all suggestions and suggestions to Jagan’s attention.

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