Novatar is ready to revolutionize the way we think about digital identities

A new NFT project has been launched to drive the virtual and digital revolution inextricably. The Novatar is ready to change the way users think about digital identities. From Babies to Adults: Now an image from a limited collection of 25,000 avatars.

All 25K Innovative they are newborn babies. They are all unique, with different features and facial expressions, race and skin color. The mechanics of the blockchain work in a way that newborn baby avatars can age after minting. The owner has the possibility to decide when to “age” the baby, transforming it into an adult. During the aging process, the baby will retain the genes that were present at the beginning.

Baby Novatar it has 9 genes – all of them are basic / mandatory.

Adult Innovative They have 14 genes of which 10 genes are basic and 4 genes are optional. All baby avatar genes have 6 variations each and all adult genes have 11 variations each (except for the genes responsible for skin, hair, eye, and eyebrow color).

There are several usability options for Novatar owners:

Novatar can become your digital identity in social networks and metaverses, since you can find a Novatar that resembles or adapts to your virtual identity.

Innovative it will be necessary not only in social and virtual realities, but also for real life events, which will be organized through community members.

Things to know Innovative:

There is a limited collection of 25,000 Innovative

Innovative they are newborn babies at first

Baby Novats will become adults the moment the owner decides (after minting)

There are only 5 professions available: Developer, Doctor, Blogger, Astronaut, and Gamer.

They will develop new genes as they grow.

Genes have their rarity and therefore rarer types of Innovative: all are unique and unique

No one knows what sexual orientation the avatar will have in adulthood.

The Novatar It is unique in the fact that NFT avatars will transform from a baby to an adult, with all the attributes of adult life, including profession, style, and sexual orientation.

About Innovative

The Novatar platform is a collection of 25,000 Innovative ready to represent you in virtual life. Everything Innovative they are unique, with different facial features and expressions, race and color.

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