One ticket for Indra movie is so expensive .. B. Gopal who brought out the interesting thing.

Indra Movie Tickets Price
Indra Movie Tickets Price

Indra Movie Tickets Price | There is nothing special to be said about Indra cinema in Chiranjeevi’s career. Because Chiranjeevi did not go for factionalism till then. But after seeing the magic of faction movies in Balakrishna’s career .. Indra is the story that Chiranjeevi, who is especially focused, likes and writes too much. Written by Chinni Krishna, the story was a resounding success. Directed by B. Gopal, the film grossed over Rs 30 crore in those days. Indra, released in 2002, completed 100 days in 125 centers in those days. Indra has brought in more collections than ever before in Chiranjeevi’s career. At the time of Indra’s release, a festive atmosphere prevailed in the Telugu states. Director B. Gopal has now shared with the media about an amazing event that took place under the age of 20.

Indra Movie Tickets Price
Indra Movie Tickets Price

At that time, if Chiranjeevi was released in a movie theater, the audience would be blown away. The fans are the ones celebrating. Especially with all the black tickets going on in O Range. In those days there was a history of selling up to Rs 500 per ticket. However, director B. Gopal said that it went up to Rs 2,000 for Indra. Director B. Gopal shared with the audience that he was shocked to know that a person in Madanapalle had taken 5 tickets for ten thousand rupees. B. Gopal’s hand in making Rayalaseema factionalism films. B. Gopal is already in range number one with Samarasinghareddy and Narasimhanayadu films. Indra also broke records at such a time. At the time, the film played in theaters for 175 days. That is why the price of a black ticket is up to two thousand. Sonali Bindre and Aarti Agarwal played the lead roles while Prakash Raj played the lead role. The film was produced by Ashwaneedath under the banner of Vyjayanti Movies.

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