Original Super Monkey Ball announcer absent from Banana Mania

Welcome page of the game Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, with a monkey in a ball led by a bunch of bananas.

Image: Sega

Brian Matt, the original announcer of the Super monkey ball series, apparently it will not be heard in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, even though the new release is effectively a remake of the first two games. Today, Sega claimed that Matt was never involved in the development of the latest Super monkey ballA statement that stands in stark contrast to Matt himself, who repeatedly mocked his participation in the game on his Instagram over the past year.

Talking to VCG, a Sega representative stated that “Brian Matt Uhl did not work on Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania and has not been involved with the Super Monkey Ball series for some time.” This news should come as a surprise to anyone who follows Matt closely on Instagram, where he updated credits on your own website to include Banana mania. In comments to the same publication, Matt stated that he is not officially listed as an announcer: “There are still legal problems. The fact that announcers are not credited or paid royalties is still a major issue for SegaSammy … I am an advocate for the legal and moral rights of foreigners in Japan. ”Currently, Angela Chubak and Mirai Patrick Sayama are the only announcers accredited by Banana mania.

Although Brian Matt has been an announcer on the show since the first Super monkey ball, his relationship with Sega has been shaky lately. On November 13, 2020, he posted a YouTube video called “The Dark Side of Sega”. In it, Matt states that Japanese parent company Sega Sammy Holdings believes they have the legal right to choose whether or not to give credit to foreign-born voice actors. In contrast, Japanese voice actors receive both credits and royalties. According to Matt, Sega doesn’t offer the same courtesy to foreign storytellers because they “come and go.” This is despite Matt’s long history doing voice work for other Sega games, including Shenmue.

exist Super monkey ball fans who believe Brian Matt is being punished for breaking your confidentiality agreement taunting your participation in the game before your official Announcement E3. Nondisclosure agreements are contracts that restrict one or more parties from disclosing certain information to the public. In the video game business, this often includes the very existence of upcoming games. However, Matt troubled the next Super monkey ball game for months before the announcement. A year before the announcement, YouTuber Nick Robinson attempted to confirm the existence of Super Monkey Ball 3 interviewing Matt on a video call. Matt wondered aloud what he could say to Robinson without “getting in trouble” before proceeding to perform a classic. Super monkey ball announcer lines. Yes, I think that may be enough to get you in trouble.

Other Japanese companies They are known to treat foreign-born employees differently from Japanese employees. Sega of America He has also previously been sued for racial discrimination against Filipino game testers. It’s quite possible that a large game company discriminated against one of its longtime voice actors. However, his position in this dispute would be much more understanding if he had not promoted his participation in the game before it was officially announced.

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