Platinum End Episode 15: Metropoliman vs Mirai

Platinum End Episode 15 reveals Mirai vs. Metro in a 1v1 after Mirai agreed to go all out. Metro senses that Mirai is taking a long time to shoot him and reminds him to shoot close. He wonders if Mirai develops a strategy to defeat him without using wings; Mirai replies that she wonders if she is fighting the real Metropoliman or not. The latest episode of Platinum End reveals the duel between two God candidates. Mirai wants to prevent Metro from becoming God since Metro is using violence. Mukaido told Mirai that he was 99% sure that they were facing Metro.

Mirai reveals that she knows, but she’s not 100%, and if she was, it would have been different. Metro wonders if Mirai is buying time to reveal that she is 100% Metropoliman. He knows he can’t attack since they use dueling rules, and it’s Mirai’s time to attack. Mukaido told Mirai that he would know that it was Metro who took Metro’s mask after shooting him. Metro decided to show his face since Mirai doubts him. She presses a button and Mirai realizes that she has seen that guy with silver hair.

Mirai is surprised that Metro is being open and fair. Metro closes his mask and asks Mirai if he’s satisfied. Mirai admits that “he” is the same Metro she fought in the tower. He thanks Metro and unleashes his Red Arrow to fly Metro away. Citizens are also watching Metro vs. Mirai, but they’re worried that the camera angle sucks since they can’t see Metro’s face. The other punks think it’s boring because they don’t know Metropoliman’s identity. The OG told the citizens that they should watch it as it is a duel that will determine who will become God.

Previously on Platinum End Episode 14

The citizens know that this battle will decide their savior. But they want God who won’t torture them since they know that if Metro becomes God, he won’t forgive them. The other crazy drunk old man shouts while looking at the sky that God will save him. The students comment that the OG is crazy. The team is trying to reveal who Metro is working with in their video. They know that someone is preventing them from knowing where the battle is. The other Angels are interested in Mirai and wonder who will win.

platinum ending episode 15
platinum ending episode 15

Metro waits for Mirai to shoot and wonders if Mirai is a character from a superhero show as she takes her time. Mirai explains why she did that and that she wants a fair fight. Mukaido notices Mirai charging from a distance and wonders if that would work against Metropoliman. Metro believes that Mirai has become easier to kill. He shoots White Arrow at Mirai, but Mirai goes through it and aims to destroy Metro’s mask. Metro noticed that and used his hand to block the Red Arrow. Mukaido wonders if Red Arrow isn’t drilling Metro.

Mirai realizes that Red Arrow won’t work against Metro since Metro was already drilled. He realizes that Metro knows they won’t lose if Mirai uses Red Arrow, and they can’t change the rule since it’s Red Arrow vs. White Arrow. Mira will use Red Arrow and Metro will use White Arrow until the battle is over. Mira thinks she’ll find a way to drill into Metro. But Metro was surprised when Mirai’s wings activated. Mirai covers Metro’s face with wings to prevent Metro from firing White Arrow. Metro fights because it cannot defend itself.

Platinum End Episode 15 Release Date

Platinum End episode 15 will be released on January 21, 2022. Metro unleashes a hidden mini blade and stabs Mirai’s knees. But Mirai continues to suppress Metro; Metro is unable to free himself and asks Meyza to help him. But Meyza realizes that it is 1v1 and no one can interfere. She stays quiet as if she’s not listening to Metro. But Saki interferes as Metro was cheating by using a blade. Let us see the official details of Platinum End episode 15.

platinum ending episode 15
platinum ending episode 15

Watch Platinum End Episode 15 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Platinum End Episode 15 online at Crunchyroll & Funimation on Friday at 1:28 AM JST. You can also watch Platinum End Episode 15 on VRV via Crunchyroll & Digital Network in the UK. Mirai played her role and Mukaido decided to finish Metro. Metro begged for mercy, and he is doing it for his family, and Mirai can become God. But Mukaido attacks him. Meyza took Metro’s corpse and left. Let’s meet when Platinum End episode 15 is released.

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