Pokémon Unite survey suggests possible new modes and features

Five Pokémon about to fight other monsters in Pokémon Unite.

The gang is together and about to work.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Now that Pokémon Unite has made its debut on Android and iOS, developer TiMi Studio Group has released an in-game survey for gamers to complete. The quiz suggests that some new features, like additional game modes and more ways to interact with your monsters, could make their way to the popular MOBA in the future.

The survey, found in the Events tab of the game, has approximately 50 questions. The questions cover everything from the frustrations of the game to what you would like to see in future updates. All players can take it. Simply scroll down the Events tab, tap the questionnaire button, and you will be taken to the survey website. You can even take it multiple times, in case you really need to get some opinions off your chest.

Some of the questions the survey raises are quite intriguing. The fifth question, for example, asks what kind of supplemental content you would find interesting, with answers that include “story or visual content about Pokémon Unite“(Maybe like the League of Legends or Supervision animated shorts) and “E-sports”. The poll later asks what you find frustrating about the game, with responses like “It’s hard to avoid relying heavily on teammates.”

A sample question from the Pokémon Unite survey.

But seriously, what if Pokémon Unite became a professional esport? I would see it.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

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But two questions in particular stand out from the rest. Question 24 asks what level of intensity players might want from the additional game modes, and asks if they would prefer the game to be “much more casual”, “the same intensity” or “much more intense” than the standard mode. 5v5 in Remoat. Stadium. Meanwhile, question 25 goes deeper, asking if you would like to see things like a lobby based on a Pokemon city, more ways to interact with monsters (like feeding and petting them), and additional gameplay Pokemon and type advantages.

The survey raises a lot of questions, so be sure to check it out, especially if you’re interested in what TiMi Studio Group may have in store for the MOBA in the future.

Pokémon UniteThe new season got underway last week, sending players into space with new outfits for Gengar, Lucario and the Pokemon Trainer through the elegant battle pass. Mamoswine and Sylveon have also joined the list, while Snorlax and Wigglytuff got nervous. And while the new update is good and all, it seems that some Pokémon Unite the players are having a hard time redeeming the Festival Pikachu Holowear skin now.

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