Popular Play-To-Earn Gaming DAO Redefines the Future of NFTs by Premiering on Multiple Launchpads

It is undeniable that the blockchain gaming industry has been on an upward trend since the concept of generating income from virtual games emerged. As the space evolves into a promising ecosystem, it attracts more gaming enthusiasts and investors alike. In recent months, the fascination for non-fungible tokens has exploded as a plethora of crypto assets gained acceptance, adoption, and widespread use.

The values ​​of some NFTs have exceeded exponential volumes, generating more interest and excitement as the space enjoys more investors joining the bandwagon. However, most people, especially passionate crypto investors, give up their earning potential because they have no idea how to navigate the NFT sphere or because they lack the time to learn the basics of managing their NFTs. However, AGV is simplifying this for investors with its unique initiative that offers solutions and allows users to maximize their earning potential.

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV): For the love of the NFTs

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a future-ready Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) investing in non-fungible tokens and related assets, games to play, and various blockchain projects. The DAO is working to create a unique global community of investors, technology leaders, game fans, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts, and avid P2E gamers.

With a mission to lead the wave of transparency and build a strong network, AGV is the first DAO and NFT gaming guild to fully disclose your earnings in real time through its Earnings Dashboard and have a fully verifiable asset list and publicly available. AGV will also launch its DAO Governing Board, where AGV holders can propose and vote on changes to DAO rules and decisions. This makes AGV one of the first NFT gaming guilds to fully launch a decentralized platform. The project is considered one of the fastest growing NFT guilds on the blockchain landscape.

AGV registers more than $ 160,000,000 in sold AGV tokens, of which it accumulated its initial funding of $ 2.3 million. The guild has a stake in the growing P2E Kart Racing League (KRL), Realms of Ethernity (RoE) and PlaceWar games, with more than 2,000 Axie Infinity academics and managers. AGV registers more than 190,000 SLPs per day and earns an average monthly income of $ 800,000.

The AGV team also announced the success of its concluded private sale of $ 3 million. With a vast online community, AGV is growing and establishing its reach at an exponential rate. For the love of NFT and blockchain projects, AGV aims to create a fully decentralized community that will help increase the adoption of P2E games and blockchain technology in general.

DEX Initial Offerings on Various Launchpads

While looking to expand P2E, NFT games and their growing community of gamers, developers, investors and technology leaders, Astra Guild Ventures is excited to launch on several early decentralized exchange platforms, including Cooperlaunch YellowRoad, Luna Pad, PlayPad, MultiPad, DAOstarter, DAOLand, BSCMemepad, Maison Capital, Krystal, Oxbull, Arax, Lithium and their own AGV launch pad.

The IDO releases present an opportunity for AGV’s growing community of gamers, NFT enthusiasts, and investors to invest in Astra Guild Ventures. The launch events will assist AGV in its mission to create more opportunities for people in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

Generally, the project is actively involved in games and NFT investments with Axie Infinity. Academics and managers cultivate SLPs, breed Axies for scholarships and business assets. Astra Guild Ventures is building a community of NFT players and investors around the world.

Audited by Certik, AGV is also expanding into a wide range of NFT games and creating more scholarship programs for individuals in the industry. The project has also published a comprehensive AGV DAO roadmap that includes the AGV Asset List, the SLP Profit Panel, the DAO Governing Board, and the AGV Participation Program.

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