Prosenjit Chatterjee: Corona to movie hero Prosenjit Chatterjee

Kolkata: Third wave is expanding rapidly in the country. The number of positive cases on a daily basis is increasing exponentially. On Wednesday, that number reached nearly two million. Corona sufferers include ordinary people as well as politicians and celebrities. Corona has recently infected West Bengal’s leading actor. Corona is positive for Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee.

With that he went into home isolation. The state health ministry said Corona had also infected several other actors and technicians in the Bengal film industry. Prosenjit Chatterjee underwent corona diagnostic tests today as he appeared to be slightly unwell. These tests turned out to be corona positive. With that he was in home isolation.

This was revealed by Prosenjit Chatterjee via Twitter. He said that he had undergone corona diagnostic tests as per the instructions of his doctor due to a slight illness and that he came back positive in those tests. He expressed hope that he would soon recover from the clutches of Mahammari.

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