PSG 2-0 Man City stands out and reaction when Lionel Messi and Idrissa Gueye attack for Paris

Pep Guardiola was unable to plan another victory over Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 tonight when Manchester City was defeated by the French giants in an entertaining Champions League clash.

Town won at home and away against PSG earlier this year in the last season Champions League semifinals, with Mauricio Pochettino’s men adding Lionel messi, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnaruma, Gini Wijnaldum and Achraf Hakimi during the summer in response.

Messi started the game, along with Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, while Guardiola named Jack Grealish, Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez in his starting eleven.

PSG started well, scoring through Idrissa Gueye, while City should have entered at halftime after Raheem Sterling and then Bernardo Silva hit the crossbar from close range in quick succession. City had one chance after another in the game, but failed to draw, and a brilliant goal from Messi won the game for PSG in the second half. After Club Brugge beat Leipzig, both he and PSG beat City, as Group A is now wide open after two games.

Follow below for pre-match preparation, live match updates, and post-match reaction from Paris.

Lee Swettenham

Give us your player ratings

Lee Swettenham

City Player Ratings

Two 7/10 between the Blues when the three forwards didn’t shoot and Messi stole the show.

Here are Stuart Brennan’s full ratings.

FT – PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Club Brugge beat Leipzig

Club Brugge have beaten RB Leipzig to join PSG on four points in Group A and move City to third place.

City will face Bruges on October 19 in Belgium, before a second leg against the same opponents in November.

FT – PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Final whistle

Full time – The city is defeated in Paris.

They had chance after chance, but Lionel Messi’s fine strike sealed the game and put PSG one point ahead of City after two games.

90 + 1 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Donnarumma saves

Riyad Mahrez’s free kick was just rejected.

Lionel Messi was the player chosen to lie behind the wall and stop the blow under the wall.

90 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Four minutes added

The city has a free kick.

88 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

The city still tries

City are still looking for consolation here, but PSG are in control and testing the break by a third.

It just hasn’t happened with the Blues tonight.

82 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Look at Messi’s goal to put PSG in command

Another goal that City will not be very happy with defensively, but that is a brilliant ending.

78 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Donnarumma saves

Riyad Mahrez shoots at the angle and Donnarumma saves.

77 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityJoe bray

Verratti reserved

Marco Verratti catches Raheem Sterling and is booked. Aymeric Laporte and Neymar join but nothing is done in terms of cards.

Raheem Sterling is replaced by Gabriel Jesus. Verratti is replaced by Gini Wijnaldum.

73 ‘- PSG 2-0 CityKEY EVENT

Messi scores!

He’s been calm all game, but put City 2-0 up with a typically impressive finish.

Catch the ball in the middle of the City, move towards the area and feed Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappé returns the ball to Messi on the edge of the area, and the former Barcelona player launches a beautiful effort towards Ederson’s upper left corner. Game over?

66 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Now Foden is in

Pep Guardiola wants urgency. Phil Foden replaces Jack Grealish.

64 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Walker stops Neymar

Neymar walks away from Kyle Walker and into the area, but Walker recovers brilliantly and forces Neymar to shoot into the side net. Great defense.

63 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Phil Foden to come

City need a spark and are turning to Phil Foden to provide it. They are preparing it to come.

54 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

De Bruyne forces to save

Kevin De Bruyne shoots from a tight angle and Donnarumma clears with his legs. Good effort, good salvation.

51 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Donnarumma almost gave City a chance

Gianluigi Donnarumma spills a good ball from City, but Raheem Sterling is not alert and the Italian can charge on the second attempt.

46 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Sterling shoots wide!

Great pass from Cancelo, Sterling guides him wide. Almost the perfect start.

45 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Teams retire

The PSG players ask the referee and his assistants some questions when they go out. Presumably on why Kevin De Bruyne is still on the field.

His challenge to Gueye was not a good thing.

We are back on track.

HT – PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Look at the Sterling and Bernardo opportunity

We still can’t figure out how he didn’t get in.

HT – PSG 1-0 CityStuart brennan

Part time qualifications

Ederson – A good stop at Herrera 7

Walker – No scares of Neymar 7

Days – Exposed a couple of times 5

Laporte – Find it difficult against Messi / Mbappé 5

Cancel – Needs more help 6

Rodri – Trying to exercise control 7

Bernard – Busy, influential, but a great lady! 6

De Bruyne – Exquisite cross deserved a goal 7

Mahrez – Threat but no final product 6

Pound sterling – I should have scored 6

Grealish – Face your man! 6

Raheem Sterling’s header hits the crossbar (Image: Man City)

HT – PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray


PSG lead at half-time thanks to Idrissa Gueye’s early goal.

It’s been pretty much all of City since, aside from a chance where Marquinhos nearly scored, and the Blues should be tied after Raheem Sterling and then Bernardo Silva inexplicably hit the bar in quick succession.

City are far from out of it, but they have work to do in the second half.

Bernardo Silva hits the crossbar (Image: Getty)

45 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Four minutes added

It seems pretty low. But it is still time for City to level up before the break.

43 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Dias wants a penalty

From a corner, Rubén Dias goes down and wants a penalty. Not given.

41 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Gueye is fine

After quite a long stop, Idrissa Gueye stands up and carries a stretcher away.

PSG was trying to take more serious action against De Bruyne.

39 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

De Bruyne reserved

Kevin De Bruyne catches Idrissa Gueye late and gets a reserve. It’s not a pretty tackle, and he might be lucky just getting a yellow – De Bruyne’s studs caught Gueye on the ankle on follow-up after receiving the ball.

38 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Ederson saves from Herrera

Ederson dumps Ander Herrera. PSG quickly took the corner and almost caught City, but the ball did not find Marquinhos.

37 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Guardiola issues instructions

36 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

De Bruyne shoots on target

Another shot from City, this time from Kevin De Bruyne, and Gianluigi Donnarumma returned to save with ease.

36 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityJoe bray

Bruges vs Leipzig level

Club Brugge made it 1-1 against Leipzig in the other group stage match. There is a strike in Paris that probably benefits PSG more than City.

34 ‘- PSG 1-0 CityStuart brennan

Will it be the night of the city?

That double bar strike was the kind of thing that happens when it’s not going to be your night!

City have reacted quite well by falling behind, but have lacked a bit of inventiveness: When De Bruyne provided an exquisite cross off his foot, Sterling really should have scored, while Bernardo’s follow-up was awkward. You were right to get close, to be fair.

Neymar of Paris Saint-Germain is closed by Bernardo Silva of Manchester City (Image: Getty)

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