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Wedding of Rakul Preet Singh
Rakul preet singh marriage

Rakul preet singh marriage | Rakul Preet Singh’s wedding has become a hot topic now. Rakul has announced that he is in love with Bollywood actor and producer Jackie Bhagnani. It was reported at the time that the couple would soon be getting married and having a family. Meanwhile, rumors that Rakul is getting married in secret are now going viral on social media. Rakul became serious after seeing the rumors circulating about his wedding in this order. “Do not spread lies unnecessarily,” he said. Rakul made it clear that he would share with himself all the important things about his life.

Rakul Preet Singh says that he currently has ten films in his hands. Now all his focus is on them. That is why he said that he was not too lazy to pay attention to the rumors coming against him. However, she asked what was the need to get married in secret without telling anyone. She made it clear that she had complete clarity about her life and would say anything in advance about herself. Speaking about her boyfriend Bhagnani .. she said that our two thoughts are the same .. the priority we give to those around us is also the same. She says that the two are the same in every matter, whether it is food or workouts, it will definitely follow. She said she thinks she’s connected because so many interests have come together.

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