Random: The song in this Japanese Metroid Dread commercial is a certified banger

Metroid Dread Japan

Nintendo Japan has released a new commercial for Metroid Dread and the song it contains seems to be getting a lot of attention on social media. Don’t be fooled, this is not a fan-made clip with popular music on top, it is actually a official Announcement for the upcoming Switch release.

Twitter user @ScrewyClassic noted that the Japanese commercial for the game had a song “going too hard”, also known as “certified banger” in the music industry. It’s the kind of track that we envision would fit perfectly at the beginning of the anime. Listen for yourself:

Unfortunately, the user himself has had no luck tracking down the song. While it was also speculated that it could be in the game, the recent Nintendo Direct seems to have confirmed that this music will not appear:

It appears that the song has been commissioned as promotional material. Although there is no other way to hear it, it is still very cool And it’s great to see Nintendo doing their best with the marketing of this game in the lead up to its release.

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