RGV meeting with Minister Perni Nani on 10th ..

Amravati: Leading producer and director Rangopal Verma (RGV) will meet Andhra Pradesh Cinematography Minister Perni Nani on May 10. This was reported by RGV on Twitter. Minister Pernina revealed that he had invited her to come and discuss the movie ticket prices on the 10th of this month. RGV said he was asked to come for an afternoon meeting at the Amravati Secretariat office. The Minister thanked him for inviting him.

It is learned that the recent comments made by many in the film industry on the government’s policy decision on reducing movie ticket prices in the AP have sparked outrage. The AP ministers reacted to the remarks made with the movie hero Nani and RGV reacted strongly as a continuation of that. At this stage, the war of words between RGV and the minister’s name Nani continued on Twitter. The minister replied that the government’s response to the hike in cinema ticket prices was to reduce the prices with the intention of making the RGV government accessible entertainment to the common man.

Politically and the film industry is interested in the talks between the two over RGV’s request for a ministerial meeting on the 10th of this month.

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