Royal Family Breaking News: Kate Middleton WOWS at James Bond Premiere When William and Charles Show Up with Daniel Craig

‘Empty, nauseating cheerleaders and hypocrites’

This is a piece of Angela levin, Biographer of Prince Harry

It horrifies me to see the arrogance and hypocrisy of Prince Harry and Meghan on their preaching tour of New York.

The three day visit felt like the launch of a new alternative to the Royal Family that we have in the UK; a push for everyone to drop out and follow Harry and Meghan, who understand young people and the issues that matter.

His appearance at the Global Citizen concert was nauseating.

Harry was like an entertainer or emcee, rousing the crowd with shouts of “Come on, we want this!” and the crowd yelling “Yes!” and Meghan chipping in with: ‘It has to happen.’

When the reality is that they are not experts on COVID-19 or climate change.

Everything is so empty and superficial, and it’s aimed at an American audience that is lapping up everything.

Every time this couple makes a move, the hypocrisy grows.

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