Ryman’s Club New Cast Announced: Every Cast Member, Streaming & Synopsis

Have any new members of the Ryman’s Club cast been recently announced? A highly anticipated series, Ryman’s Club, also known as Salaryman’s Club, is an anime that is sure to make its mark on the sports genre. Based on the characters’ passion and love for badminton, Ryman’s Club has everyone eager for anime with exciting tournaments and competitive relationships. Realistically speaking, sport is one of the most exciting inventions of mankind. It makes our blood pump and dopamine work. So, for those of you looking for something really exciting with a touch of drama, Ryman’s Club is the anime for you. Also, one of the things that makes this anime truly relatable is the fact that corporate workers pursue the thrill of playing badminton.

The beauty of the anime to be released is that all of the characters have busy lives and take time to play, something we can all relate to in the sense of being dedicated to our passions and hobbies. So where can we stream the series, and who are all the talented actors voicing the Ryman’s Club characters? With the release date fast approaching, TV Asahi and LIDEN FILMS announced additional members of the Ryman’s Club cast on their official website. A combined total of ten new cast members, with five for the Unisics company and five for the Tomari company, were revealed on January 5 and 6, respectively. Read on for all the information regarding the additional cast revealed about the series and more.

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Ryman’s Club: Tomari and Unisics Cast Announced

For Tomari, a competitor to Sunlight Beverages, we enlisted Daiki Hamano for the role of Shiryu Tonozaki and Shunichi Toki as the voice of Yuho Mashiba. Also, there’s Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yukei Saruhashi and Tomokazu Sugita as Kotetsu Gokura. Lastly, there is Atsushi Imaruoka as the voice of Kohji Matsushita. For Unisics, a Sunlight Beverage competitor, Yuki Ono, will be voicing Daiki Oginome. Next, we will see Ayumu Murase as Ayato Misora’s voice actor. Then we have Haruki Ishiya for the role of Jun Yagami and Yukihiro Nozuyama for Ryo Natsuki. Last but not least, we have Daisuke Namikawa, who we will see playing the role of Masahiko Utsugi.

Ryman's club new cast announced
Rhyman’s Club still

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Previously Announced Cast Members

The cast initially revealed includes Junya Enoki as the voice of the protagonist, Mikoto Shiratori, Shinichiro Miki as Tatsuru Miyazumi and Kaito Ishikawa as Sota Saeki, we also have Ryota Ohsaka, who we will see for the roles of Toya Saeki and Tetsuya Kakihara. for Kōki Takeda’s voice. Also, there’s Jun Fukuyama as Hayato Kirishima, Taku Yashiro as Azuma Tachibana, and Yuma Uchida as Takuma Kirishima.

Above is the newly released PV for Ryman’s club.

Salaryman’s Club: Streaming and Synopsis

Ryman’s Club is an original anime television series that will be released on January 23 on television and on January 22 on the online platform. Liden Films’ upcoming production, Salaryman’s Club, is directed by Aimi Yamauchi, with Yamauchi and Teruko Utsumi as screenwriters. The series will premiere on television on TV Asahi’s NUNanimation and online on Crunchyroll.

Ryman's club new cast announced
Rhyman’s Club still

Ryman’s Club is a series that shows the lives of some really cool corporate workers who mostly work in an office but also play badminton with passion. Although they have an extremely busy schedule as office workers, nothing prevents them from pursuing their passion for their true love, badminton. The series is primarily based on the life of Mikoto Shiratori, a talented person when it comes to badminton. However, due to the traumatic experience of losing a badminton match during a high school tournament, Mikoto has developed a fear of the game. Mikoto becomes an average salaryman at a company called Sunlight Beverage and somehow befriends Tatsuru Miyazami, a highly skilled badminton player from the sales department.

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