Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3: Hazel & Goku’s Team Invades Demons’ Territory

By | January 14, 2022

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 reveals the war between first class assassins and demons. Goku, Hakkai, Sanzo, and Giyo recently arrived in town and met up with Hazel, who helped them eliminate the monsters. Another war has recently broken out, and Goku is facing the demons with his crew. Hakkai jumps out the window and discovers that the monster is waiting to smash him to pieces with a gigantic axe. Goku interferes and sends that monster flying. The latest episode of Saiyuki Reload Zeroin reveals the mysterious demons that are trying to eliminate humanity.

Sanzo told Hakkai, Giyo, and Goku to leave the city. Hakkai realizes that those monsters and demons won’t let them go unchallenged. Giyo wonders why the demons keep saying to kill the demons. The trio begin to crush them. But Sanzo smoked and commented that they were making progress. He let the trio fight the whole time while he relaxed and enjoyed smoking. Giyo social Sanzo and calling him a stupid and lazy monk; he reminds Sanzo to help them. Goku wonders if the enemies are humans turned into monsters. He realizes that they can kill them since they have been revived.

A girl who cares about her father stops him, but he sends her flying. Sanzo gets angry because a father hits a daughter. He believes that no one is supposed to hit a lady. Sanzo told Goku to kill that father who hits the ladies. Goku feels sorry for a lady as she can’t kill her father. Sanzo shoots the father in the forehead. The father turns into clay and other monsters get scared; they drop their weapons as human instinct has awakened, and flee. The daughter was locked away, witnessing her father in clay form.

Previously on Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 2

Hakkai wonders why Sanzo has to go this far and knows that Sanzo always kills when demons or monsters come. But the daughter decided to collect a clay form of her father because she believed that the bishop could revive her father. Goku wanted to comfort her, but she acted bravely and decided not to shed a single tear. He tried to stop her, but she pushed him away because she was furious. Goku wonders why they have to revive people who will turn into monsters.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3
Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3

Sanzo told the crew that they were leaving town. Hazel and Hawks watch them grow as they leave. Hazel realizes that those four will never set foot in this country. The daughter searches for the bishop to revive her father, but cannot find him. Hazel feels sorry for her and believes that life is not valuable to him as an insect. Later, the crew arrived near the river and had lunch. Goku ended up with more than five cans of food as he lost a lot of mana during the battle. Sanzo wonders why Goku has to eat like that, and Goku replies that it’s nothing.

Giyo scolds Goku as Goku always claims that he is not eating enough when they eat. Hakkai is glad they are using canned food that will last a long time. Goku realizes that he misses eating meat buns and wishes he had saved them. Sanzo reminds Goku not to worry about it, as he knows Goku is venting his anger on the canned food. Goku finishes his cans and asks Hakkai to give him more food. Hakkai reminds Goku that they will eat later.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 Release Date

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 will be released on January 20, 2022. The elves arrived wielding swords, and the skinny and muscular man points at Sanzo and says that it is the men from Sanzo’s group who wanted. Giyo can’t believe those monsters are starting another battle. Goku warns the monsters that he didn’t eat enough, which makes him angry. Hawk and Hazel arrive and kill all the monsters with two shots. Let us see the official details of Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3.

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3
Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3

Watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 online on Bilibili Global and Muse Asia (playlist) at 11:00 pm JST. You can also watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin Episode 3 online at HIDE and the official Youtube channels, especially for fans in the UK. Hazel leads Sanzo’s group into the monster’s territory. They met the boss and saved all the ladies after killing him. Let’s meet when Saiyuki Reload Zeroin is released.

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